Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A week Ago Today

Hello sweet baby!

Mommy is starting a blog about you! Every baby I keep a journal, filled with how my pregnancy is going, what I'm feeling, how the baby is growing, etc. I started one with YOU, but I decided to transfer to a blog. I don't seem to be very good at writing lately- typing is faster:)

Sooo...I am 21 and a half weeks pregnant- 5 months. I am past morning sickness, and not feeling terribly uncomfortable yet- the 2nd trimester is always the easiest! I have gained 18 pounds so far....yikes.

One week ago today we got to see you on ultrasound!! It was a level 2, done in Eugene at the Riverbend Sacred Heart Medical Center. They specialize in maternal screening, and since I am the outrageously old age of 41, my doctor suggested I skip the regular u/s and go for a level 2. I agreed, because who would want to turn down a 3d/4d picture of their baby??

Mackenzie begged to go with Daddy and me. We agreed as long as she PROMISED not to peek at the gender- we want to be surprised this time! I didn't (correction by Daddy) find out with our first 6, knew the gender on the last 3, and since this will most likely be my last pregnancy, we want it to be a surprise.

The cool thing about the level 2 is I didn't have to drink any water! Usually I have to go to the bathroom so bad the whole time, that I can hardly enjoy the u/s.

We arrived at the hospital at 9:30...and didn't even get in to see the genetic counselor til 10:30. Talk about nerves ...I had already thought my u/s was the week before..and the night before I looked at my piece of paper with the date on it and realized my u/s was the following week. So it already felt like I had been waiting forever.

The counselor was very nice, and informative. She gave us statistics, but I didn't feel like she was pushy with anything- just telling us what to expect. I really do hate statistics- and at the same time, who can avoid hearing them and having them lodge themselves into their brain? One in 85...those are the odds of a woman my age giving birth to a baby with chromosonal defects. Lovely, huh? How do you wrap your brain around random numbers like that? And what is the point??

So, after hearing all the odds, we proceeded to the u/s. The sonographer was cheerful and talkative, explaining everything she saw (almost) to us as she went. She started off doing a typical ultrasound- you looked like a skeleton, moving around constantly, waving your fists in front of your face, folding and unfolding your arms and legs, turning one way and then the other. You were doing a complete headstand in mommy's tummy:)

We saw your brain, your heart, your stomach, your kidneys, your leg bones, etc. And each time she measured something I would watch the estimated gestational age in the corner. You always measured just a few days short of your due date- Feb. 6th- which the sonographer said was normal. Your heart rate was 132- also normal.

Then she switched to 3d/4d- talk about AMAZING!!! You instantly looked "real" to me- skin and features and fingers and toes and even a little was so cool! At first we said you looked like Jonathan- and then Abigail...your little pointy nose looks just like hers and like Jackson's. You kept moving and turning your head and the sonographer would freeze the picture so we could get a "still" shot.

I have never had an ultrasound like that- just completely real, so life-like and detailed and like actually watching a movie of our baby. I was so in love with you already!

Here is what you looked like...

You are beautiful! Boy or girl, you are so perfect and special already. I am so in awe of what God makes, how miraculous life is.

I have to go get dinner ready for everyone- it is a Wednesday, so we have to get ready early for church. I will write more later, but for now sweet baby, please know how loved and cherished and special you are to us. I can't wait to see you in person!

All my love,

Your Mama oxoxox