Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Bunny Birthday

I'm in between two very special birthdays today… Yesterday Lily turned seven and tomorrow our Bunny turns one. In honor of those birthdays being so close together, we celebrated yesterday with one giant bunny themed party. Miss Lily has had princess parties, pink parties, ice cream sundae parties, you name it… so she was more than happy to share her party yesterday with her favorite little sister :)

I always go through a funny little after-Christmas-slump when I am forced to take down my tree and Christmas decor. I'm such a party gal that I don't do well with the "party's over" feelings sometimes. This year I decided to shift emotions during that time to party planning - so while I was physically dismantling decor, mentally I was redecorating in the future. Take that after Christmas let-down!

We decided to host the girls' party in the fellowship hall in our church. Lots of kids means lots of cleanup and this is a simple place to set everything up and not have to clean the rest of my house, before or afterwards. I spent the last week of December hunting down ideas on Pinterest and deals on Amazon, and while I am usually not the queen of Pinterest-like birthday parties, this one was easy to plan. I chose colors for my bunny theme – melon, mint, pink and gold - and found bunny-themed food that was easy and fun to make.

It helps that I have the world's greatest cake decorator as one of my best friends. I found the exact cake I wanted on Pinterest, sent her a picture, and voila. Her cake was aMAZEballs.

It had three layers with raspberry filling inside, and she even made a tiny bunny ears cake to go with it for Madison. I bought this darling little bunny cake stand on Amazon and told Sam it was the gift that keeps on giving… Every year Miss Bunny can use it on her birthday, and I can use it at Easter parties as well! Sam is always generous when you explain that you are actually saving him money instead of asking him to spend it. I've learned over the years to phrase my request this way, and the results have been splendid. (I wish the keyboard on Blogger had the tongue sticking out emoji for such a time as this, but alas you will have to imagine one in your head here.)

we brought madison's little cake home for tomorrow, so it is a little smudged ;)

Kenzie as usual was my photographer/videographer. The blessing about that is that I barely have time to take pictures because I am trying to keep things hopping along at a bunny party (insert cheesy grin emoji here please)...  and besides Kenzie is better at it anyway.

The sweetest part of the party for me is singing to the birthday girl or  boy. I don't know why I always get emotional about this. Actually I do – I am a sappy, emotional person anyway, so basically I am just waiting every day of my life for an excuse to cry, and birthday songs are about all it takes for the tears to start flowing.

Something about this year though… all week I kept telling Sam and the kids - I don't know what my problem is, why am I so emotional about Lily turning seven and Madison turning one? Maybe it's the double punch of my baby really truly transitioning into a little girl, as well as my last baby turning one. Mackenzie and I were looking at photos of Lily meeting Madison for the first time at the hospital last year, and both of us said the same thing – how did Lily grow up so much this year? Maybe it's because she is a big sister to not one sibling but two now? Whatever the cause, the transformation has been so stark. 

So here I go again, even looking at these pictures I'm a blubbering mess. I mean just LOOK at the smile on my girl's face. She absolutely, completely, totally adores being sung to. She just gets so proud and always has the biggest grin on her face… It is such a beautiful thing to behold.

And now as I hold my bunny in one arm and hold my phone in the other and voice text this blog post, I'm going to stop before I start sobbing again. 

Tomorrow my baby… my last baby… Turns one.

See you on the other side !


Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

What an absolutely beautiful party! I don't think you could have come up with a more perfect theme!

I loveeeeeeeeee that bunny cake stand! SO cute!

Grammi Faith said...

Well, my dear daughter, you take after your mother in the blubbering dept. I cry over anything and everything, happy or sad. (So does your sister)

Really like that cake plate. Everything looked terrific, and yes, I cried watching the video and listening to the music.

Hopefully, I will soon be with you and Sam and the children for a few days, maybe even a week or two. Radiation is about 6 days more and chemo is once every 3 weeks. Just blow up an air mattress in front of the fire and I'll be happy.

Jennifer said...

This is the sweetest blog post ever. I enjoyed reading it so much and had tears in my eyes at the end!!! Love to you all!

Cindy said...

Such a fun birthday party! Happy Birthday Lily and Madison!

Anne B. said...

Happy Birthday Dear Bunny!!! You are a miracle in so many ways! You've strengthened my faith in ways I will never be able to tell you but just know that it is true! What a beautiful party for you and Lily...your family is so special! May this day, your 1st birthday, be filled with blessings and joy!
Prayers going up for your Mama, Patti, as well. (((HUGS)))

Mo said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girls! I love watching your beautiful family grow and celebrate.

eruska said...

Happy Birthday for both beautiful girls!
What great parents, siblings, family members they have.
Lots of love, from Hungary, Europe.

Melanie McNitt said...

I've been praying for you! Been there. Done that. 😘

cathy said...

Happy & healthy birthdays' to your beautiful little ladies!


Race Bannon said...

Was that golden number 7 balloon life-sized - 'cause those are AWESOME! What a great mom you are!

Patti said...

Not exactly ... but Madison's number one was ! Pretty much .

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your special girls from the UK

cara said...

I could hardly take the video; it was just so sweet!!! Lily is just bubbling with joy and is the most beautiful seven year old ever. And then there's Bunny!! She is too precious for words. I see Lily in her. Makes me emotional too. Thank you for sharing your sweet girls! Happy birthday to both of them. You are very blessed! xoxoxo

Jennifer said...

Beautiful post! Happy birthday to both of your sweet girls!