Monday, March 28, 2016

Blogpost by Bunny

Well hello, blog friends !

This is Bunny, blogging for my mama because she is obviously too busy these days to keep up with everything .

In fact, at this moment we are sitting in the waiting room for her six week post-partum check up ... and it's been ten weeks since I arrived. Two weeks ago Mommy looked at her calendar and realized she never made the appointment, and this was the soonest her doctor's office could get her in.

I heard Mommy laughing nervously when she called to make the appointment, saying something like "sorry it's been eight weeks since my baby was born and I forgot to call...I'm doing good to remember to brush my teeth every day at this point in my life. Have mercy." 

Poor Mommy... she'll get it together some day, but meanwhile her world revolves around ME and making sure I get enough to eat every two to three hours. I've heard Mommy tell people that I'm only a baby once, and how fast time flies, and right now she doesn't care about what her house or hair or makeup looks like .. she just wants to soak up every moment of having a newborn in the house. 

Which is perfectly fine with me!

So while we are waiting for the doctor I'm just going to catch the blog up for Mommy. If I don't help her out it will probably be December until you hear from her again!

We went on vacation at the beginning of March for Mommy's birthday. She said the only thing she wanted was a week at the coast with her family. We stayed at a big house we rented that overlooked the ocean. Mommy was excited because there was a fireplace in her bedroom, and Daddy and my brothers were excited because there was a pool table. ALL of us were excited because there was a beach !

Mommy made nice big breakfasts every morning because she says that's her favorite thing to do when we are on vacation. When we are at home she doesn't always have time to do that because we have homeschooling and chores and things. We had fun sleeping in every morning and staying up late at night. Mommy said the best part of vacation is that we are all together in one place without having all my siblings and my daddy running in a million different directions.

Mommy and Daddy both have birthdays in March and so do five of my siblings. Mommy's brother's birthday is in March and my Grammi's is too.. Two of daddy's brothers' birthdays are in March, Monique's birthday is in March and three of my cousins are as well. So March is pretty much like Christmas all over again !

Another big thing happened this month - I turned two months. 

Mommy says I am still like a newborn, because I sleep a lot and I only weigh 8 pounds. But she loves it because I'm her last baby and she wants this stage to last as long as possible !

There are more pictures from this month that need to be posted but Mommy says it's time to go now…

One last thing before I sign off – thank you SO much to Emily and her mommy Judi, who sent me this wonderful bunny hat for Easter ! Emily is 12 years old and she crocheted this hat just for me :) Don't I look adorable in it ?

We will be back soon with more pictures and updates... thank you for praying for me and for always leaving such nice comments here on our blog :)

Lots of love,

Bunny xoxo


Kelly Marin said...

Awww Patti we miss you guys so much , I would love to go to the beach house with you ! Can we say we totally missed being there at Thanksgiving! We are already saying when we go back next year for furlough we want to go to Oregon! I told the older girls to save up so they can meet us there !! Anyway ! Bunny is so precious! And I'm so glad you post !

Mariah said...

This is so it! And I love that you were able to get away with everyone for your birthday. My birthday is in March too! I always love your blog posts...but I dare say brushing your teeth ought to take priority over posting! ;-)

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

Oh Patti, this just makes me want to be a part of your family! Do you have room for an extra adopted child?! ;)

You are an incredible mama and you are so so blessed with so many awesome children! What a beautiful birthday present!

Our victory! said...

Baby bunny you are so sweet and beautiful!! May God bless you always!!❤️

Maria said...


Anne B. said...

Oh you precious little angel bunny! Thanks for helping your Mama with this post! I don't think any of your family's fans could have waited until December to see more of your beautiful faces!! The birthday vacation looks like a dream come true and I pray that each and every one of you cherish that family time together. It's rare to see that these days! It's so much fun to see you and your siblings growing and loving and playing together! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

cara said...

If I was your mama I wouldn't care about all those things either! Holding you ALL day would be wonderful! xoxoxo P.S. Happy Birthday to all the Rice clan that are on March! ����������

Heluvsme said...

Dear Bunny, please tell your mama I LOVE how she does birthday cakes~just like me! From scratch, served in the pan. God bless you and your family! xoxoxo

Donna said...

Love you Bunny!

Unknown said...

Dear Conejita (Bunny):Hope your momma gets a chance to scroll through your newborn pictures to remind herself how far God has carried you, your siblings and parents and He is not done or giving in. You are fighting that good fight girl keep that up!
Abrazos y be sites, Conejita!!
From Joey and his momma.
Our prayers are with you.

Patti said...

Thank you. I needed that reminder so much tonight. I'm crying because your words are just what I needed at this moment. Much much love , Patti