Friday, July 18, 2014

houston, we have a walker

I had a vacation post ready to publish this morning, but exciting events at The Rice Ranch have forced that blogpost to the back burner for now. This little video deserves a post all by itself.

 Clarification : I say "exciting events" in the very loosest sense of the phrase. Depending on who is watching the video, exciting could mean "cause for a party" ... or "cause for deep mourning and days of nostalgic tears".

Because our last baby just took his first steps, and we will not see a crawling baby at The Rice Ranch EVER AGAIN, unless it's our grand baby.

Which, I mean, is probably going to be happening for another twenty years or so, given that my kids will keep having kids and bringing them over to my house ...

But still.

I was in the "exciting" means "emotional" camp last night, and I may or may not have duct taped Hayden's legs together this morning.

If you need me this week, I'll be buried in baby photos and consuming large amounts of chocolate (my drug of choice), with a mountain of tear-soaked tissues beside me.

And if you even MENTION the words wean and Hayden together in one sentence, I might just chop your head off.

Just sayin'.


Lindsey Corbin said...

Where is the video??? :)

a portland granny said...

That was the cutest thing!! His determination surely showed through! Thanks for sharing. I think this is going to be one busy little guy.

Anonymous said...

Breastfeeding for LIFE. ;) I'm still nursing my 30 month old, and she's my first. Can't think about what I'll do when it's over. Such a special thing. =D

MomToThemAll said...

He is so cute and one determined little guy!!

Grammi Faith said...

Hayden, run to Maghiick! 😍💋😘👵

Naomi said...

awwwww.... i love it! Norah started crawling at your house =) Must be a magical place!

Kathy McElhaney said...

So cute. I love his hair - is it as soft as it looks?

cara said...

Congratulations Hayden!!!! What a sweet video of his precious moments!

Totally laughing at the comment about wean and Hayden, ha. James is still nursing at 17 months. In fact, he nursed the entire night last night for some unknown reason. Haven't seen any new teeth coming in. But I will take it because I cannot get enough cuddles with my baby. :) xoxo