Friday, June 27, 2014

Life at The Rice Ranch : the Cliff Notes version

Before I share my little novella here on the blog ... are you one of the few people in the world who haven't tried Scentsy warmers and fragrance bars ?

Actually, I have no idea if the vast majority of humanity has tried Scentsy or not, but I'm going for the dramatic here.

I have three days left to meet Scentsy's quota for sales reps, or they are giving me the axe. For reals. I dearly love my Scentsy consultant status, so if you haven't tried Scentsy... you should. Do it for the children. My children, at least. They love a nice smelling house, and continuing on as a consultant for Scentsy allows me to give them one. It also allows me to support my Scentsy addiction ...which includes refilling all five warmers in our house with fresh fragrances on a regular basis. Fabulous scents like Luna and Welcome Home and Sweet Pea and Vanilla. Ask anyone who has visited the Rice Ranch - it smells nice here. You can SHOP HERE for all your Scentsy needs, and email me if you have any questions. Make sure to shop from Lily's Basket Party, and I will be forever grateful.


Okay, now for some catching up on photos. I uploaded these from my iPhone a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to moving them here. I have a baby in my arms as I type, and he is getting heavier by the minute. So please excuse the lack of words in this post, and enjoy the pictures.

Or, pretend you're back in high school, and this is the Cliff Notes version of Life At The Rice Ranch.

Chapter one : We make cute kids around these parts

note the onions growing in our garden. told ja we lived on a ranch.

that's a flying football in the background. not a blimp. in case you were wondering.

Chapter Two : My eleventh child is a terrorist

189th time retrieving him from the top of the stairs in one hour

we believe in a strictly paleo diet around here. we grew that whipped cream right in our own vitamix.

Chapter Three : Naptimes are gifts sent from heaven ... and so was this hammock

...actually the hammock was a gift from Mackenzie 

Chapter Four : It's official - we live on a ranch

thank you , dear brother ! we love our gift !

Chapter Five:   I still need to blog about our anniversary getaway 

Chapter Six :  Grandbabies are even more fun than your own babies ... don't tell my kids

Macie Blair

And Finally ...

Chapter Seven :   These two bless my socks off

The End. 


cathy said...

ENCORE, please


MamaV said...

Love it!
Cuteness all around :-)

Anne B. said...

order placed but what I really want is more of your sweet pics!! :)

Cindy said...

Oh my gosh, SUCH cute pictures! I especially loved the one with her little hand on her hip... what a doll!

EN said...

It's not the Rice Family Blimp I see flying in the background?! That's not your primary mode of transportation??? You make me laugh! I love it!

Grammi Faith said...

OMH you make me miss my babies so much. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

mex said...

Love love love.... Xxx