Wednesday, January 29, 2014

For Maura and Luke

This morning I read a blogpost that impacted me in such a profound way… probably because of the similarities in this family's story and mine.

You can read about Maura HERE

 Many of you are already familiar with Reece's Rainbow… it is an organization dedicated to finding families for children with special needs. Today, as an act to honor Maura, I am donating to this little boy's grant fund on 

Right now little Luke has a family that is earnestly pursuing adopting him. They are fundraising privately for agency fees, homestudy fees, etc. I would love to help them adopt Luke by rallying Lily's readers to donate to Luke's grant fund today.

I can't imagine our family without Lily…reading Maura's story so touched my heart, and I want that to translate to action.

Will you help me honor Maura's memory today ? Whether that's donating to Luke or bringing a teacher flowers or paying for coffee for the person in line behind you at the drive-thru…will you find a way to honor Maura today ?

If you're on Instagram, take a photo of your small act of kindness and hashtag it #honoringmaura.

I'd also love to hear about your purposeful acts of generosity and love in the comment section below…

Happy Wednesday. xo


Mary Pauline said...

WOW is all I can say. I am one of Maura's big sisters (she is #6 or 9) and I cannot believe how widespread this is becoming. So much love is being poured out for our Maura, even after her earthly life ended. Incredible! Thank you for remembering and loving Maura Anne with all of us today!

Amy Cooper said...

I am not much of a commenter, (pretty sure that's not actually a word... :) ) but I just can't help it today. This morning, I picked up the newest addition to our family. His name is Atticus and he will be two next week. He is on the verge of being officially diagnosed with cerebral palsy. We have been having visits with him and today was moving day!

He will be joining my other 6 children, 4 that are adopted and 1 that is currently a foster child. At this point, he is a foster child but we hope to see that changed very soon! He is ours forever and we are already so blessed by the joy he brings. It has been my experience that children that seem to us to have "challenges" are just little rays of sunshine straight from the Lord. It looks like your Lily is no exception and little Atticus certainly proves the rule! Blessings to your family and all that you are doing to bring attention to special needs children that need forever homes.


Julia said...


Morgane said...

These story moved me too. I've made a donation for another child :
for #HonoringMaura
and I hope that those random acts of kindness are going to spread in France too.

Morgane from France

cara said...

I had not seen this!! Thank you for sharing Patti. Now I am quite emotional. She was baby #6 like our Benji. This is a great idea!!! :)

kirsten said...

Donated to Luke's fund too! Thanks for the great idea! I've been trying to figure out what I could do when I'm stuck home with a sick baby all day and your idea is perfect to do from home.

Katrina said...

What a beautiful story of acceptance. I put the hash tag on my FB pictures since I don't have instagram. My way of honoring Maura is by trying to help the good people of Russia see the value in children that have Down syndrome. I was in the process of trying to adopt a beautiful little 8 year old girl with DS from Russia when the adoption ban took place. I had spent 3 wonderful days with her in July of 2012. I just got back this week from Moscow where I did interviews trying to find a family in Russia that might feel capable of adopting her. They do not have the resources yet that we have in the US. But there are wonderful people trying to change that. I went and visited Downside Up to help bring publicity to their wonderful organization. That is what my FB pictures are of. It is my hope and pray that all children with DS can be valued and have their potential recognized. It would be wonderful if everyone could go like their FB page so they know they are not alone.