Monday, January 20, 2014

coming soon

Hey, guess what ? I was just going through old pics in lightroom (editing software) and I found THE CUTEST photos, that I never had time to blog about. I mean THE CUTEST.

But I don't have time to blog about them tonight either, because Hayden was up crying the entire night last night, and I am going to bed now. And I'm praying we don't do a repeat of last night.

Apparently I didn't have a lingering sinus infection last week, I had the flu. Or some other nasty virus.
Because now Hayden has it, and he looks like I felt - only he gets to scream about it all night, whereas all I could do was wake Sam up 45 times throughout the night to tell him I "was dying" and could he "please get me tylenol, water and a back rub in that order, stat."

"It's almost morning and who is going to rub my legs and back when you go to work??" was what I told him last week.  He was laughing, but I wasn't kidding.

And poor little Hayden- I'm pretty sure that's what his pathetic crying all night could have been translated as - "Who is going to pace the floors with me if you guys fall asleep ? WAAAAHHHH!"

Anyhoot….I'm beat. So you don't get a post, you get a tease to a post.

Here it is….

See what I mean ???

Cuteness, coming soon….

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Crystal Kupper said...

We just moved from Salem to the UK in November, and boy do we miss the Gilbert House! We spent hours in the grocery store. ;-)