Thursday, December 19, 2013

flu shots, cookies, and dan fogelberg - oh my !

Day two of a-gift-a-day-until-Christmas here on A Perfect Lily. If you missed your first gift, see the previous post. It was a good one.

Just a quick update on life at the Rice Ranch before I give you your gifts.

We won't know til December 27th about our house…are you still praying for us ? Please keep it up !

My kids all got flu shots today. Actually, they all got nasal spray (big sigh of relief from lots of children here) and Lily got a shot. Do you do flu shots/nasal spray in your family ? They seem to have helped us the past few years…  although last year this time we got THE worst stomach flu known to mankind while Sam was away having a blast in Thailand. I took care of 8 puking kids while pregnant and puking myself, while he went galavanting around Thailand riding elephants or something.  Not that I'm bitter or anything…

Anyhoot, this was before the nasal spray and shots…

Lily kept peeking in the lab at each child to see what was going on. As soon as it was her turn she lost it. And if you've ever tried to pin an almost-four year old down while she is screaming MAMA PLEEEEEASE up at you and thrashing frantically on an exam table…you know it is right up there with root canals on your list of how not to spend your holidays. 

We did all survive the ordeal, however... I promised Lily and the kids a cookie at Coffee Culture where big sissy works after the doctor visit, so as soon as Lily's band-aid was on, she starting yelling "ALL DONE !!!! COOKIE !!!!" Then she waved and told the nurse bye-bye a hundred times. We took the kids to visit our favorite nurse on the other side of the lab, and as soon as Lily saw her she started yelling "GO !! GO!!" and pointing out the door. Those poor nurses, they have such a reputation for pain with my kids. But if this saves us a bout with the flu for a household of eleven, it is worth it. Trust me on this one.

As promised, a trip to Coffee Culture…

…Lily acts like she owns the place every time we go there. And she must have her giant cookie in a bag every time. Not on a plate, not handed to her in a napkin- it must be in a bag. Girlfriend is all about routine.

So now we're back home, and I am about to hot glue a dozen gingerbread houses together for decorating tonight. This is a yearly tradition, and one of our favorites….and this year my grandbabies are coming too, which makes things twice as fun. Pictures of that tomorrow, but for now here are a few from Instagram….

me with Norah…my granddaughter. I wuv her.

Norah Jane

L is for Lily

And now, for your Christmas presents…are you ready ? Two of them today….

Here is Jason, my oldest son. This is goin' viral folks - remember, you saw it here first.

And here is the Lilybird doing her thang.

Merry Christmas !!


Kathy McElhaney said...

Love the ending of the video. Yay! And that cookie! And your granddaughter is a beauty!

Praying none of you get sick and your house situation unfolds just as it is suppose to.

Merry Christmas, Rice Family!

Tiffany said...

I am new to your blog and wanted to tell you that I LOVE Lily's picture at the top (and all the rest)! What a precious doll!! I just read your story about you and your friend Denise when Lily was born. Our 14 month old daughter, Molly Kate, was diagnosed last week with a brain malformation and I have been looking back in awe at God's plan as I too have a best friend who I have walked with through her story of having a Down Syndrome son 10 years ago. We sat on her hospital bed together as she cried right after she had him and my husband and I have watched and admired she and her husband in their journey with doctors, appointments, school issues etc over the past years. Of course we love their son to pieces and they do too. Little did I know that God had a plan in all of that as I would need and rely on her so much in this past year with my little one. Like you, we have older children (boys 10 and 12) and our precious baby girl who they dote over all the time. Anyways, I look forward to following your blog. Thanks for the encouragement! =)

cara said...

I can't open the videos. It is the computer I am on. I will have to try another one. They look fun!

Praying for healthy household here as well after the strep we got over. It is no fun when everyone gets sick. We don't do the flu mist thing because it is the live virus and having a couple of immune compromised kids, we can't risk getting it from the shot. A girl at J.J.'s soccer team was told that she could not be around her grandpa after getting that one. I figure that would go for us as well. Oh my, there has been so much controversy over vaccines on FB lately. I did weigh in today, and I usually don't. But I think that all people come from different backgrounds with different experiences living different life scenarios. We all should not judge another family for the decisions that they have to make for their families. What makes me sad is when mamas are vicious to one another about all of this. :( But praying to be protected from sickness too. Poor, poor Lily. SO glad she got her cookie. xoxo

cara said...

Now I saw the videos!!! I think Jason may go viral for sure, ha. And of course Lily is just TOO TOO ADORABLE!!!! I love her faces.

And Norah Jane is SO precious!!! You must be loving every moment with her. What a little blessing. xoxo

Amberlee Foster said...

We don't normally do glue shots unless we are already at the dr for something but I made everyone here get one this year due to a new baby in the house and my four year old took that shot like a champ knowing he was doing it for his brother! Warmed my heart.

Amberlee Foster said...

We don't normally do flu shots unless we are already at the dr and they offer them but this year we did due to a new baby who can't recive one and my four year old took that shot like a champ knowing he was doing it for his new brother!!! Warmed my heart!

Joy said...

We do the flu shot! Every year I debate and pray and read everything... And end up getting it! I think that pic of all the kids in the waiting room is so funny! We were getting crazy eyes with "just" four kids there! :-)

Also, we got an awful stomach flu twice last year, less than two months apart. Well, I was spared the second one, but the kids got it and we were "living" (read: surviving) in a tiny hotel room because we had just moved to Hawaii. Honestly, I think the stomach flu is so vile and terrible.... I can totally picture the story above of all of you sick last year! *shudders*

Anyway, thanks for posting! Love your family and you!

Katrina said...

Love watching your family grow. As it is the year anniversary of the Russian Adoption ban I was hoping you would blog about the video I made in honor of the little ones who met families and are still stuck there. You can either get it off my blog at or you can share it for here.

Stef said...

Oh, the video of your son is just the best way to end this year. I really do think so.

We don't do flu shots, but I hope they help and you all stay well! I use essential oils and we don't do things like parks and places like that when the weather is cold.

The picture L is for Lily killed me. Love it! She is so beautiful.

Abby Sacran said...

Love your blog. This is my first comment, but I've been following lily and the rest of your family since our son, David, was born in May. Merry Christmas, and thanks for sharing your lives with us.