Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December happenings

SO much to say, too little time to say it.

Isn't that how it always goes for blogging moms ?

The kids are at Christmas play practice, and I am supposed to be cooking a yummy dinner for them to come home to.

My baby just woke up, and Lily is disabling my iPad for the 57th time today … and I have no big kids in the house to help. As a result this post will be a photo dump with a few sentences thrown in for good measure. So sorry.

Hayden has been crawling since last month…did I tell you that ? Also : pulling himself to a stand, crawling up the stairs, you name it. Someone tell my baby to stay a baby for a little bit longer !

jonathan and hayden

Also… we got hit with almost a foot of snow last Friday. Unheard of practically, for our little town. And it's still here  !

view from my kitchen window

It's two weeks until Christmas and I have somehow avoided the stress of it all…two words : online shopping. Saved on gas, time, energy, babysitters… and no long lines. Woot !!

Consequently, I have been spending lots of holiday time doing the things I love- baking, decorating, singing carols with my family (okay, that was on Thanksgiving, but still) and reading by the fire.

That is not me next to the fire, in case you wondered. It's my gorgeous hunk of a husband. And a little girl who worships him.

And just in case you don't follow on Instagram, here are a few favorite photos posted there on aperfectlily:

One last thing: I totally spaced announcing the winner to our Lost Boys Giveaway. The donor of the iPad is out of the country right now (praying for you, Elizabeth !!) so when she gets back, we will announce the winner.

Hope y'all are enjoying December…

xoxo Patti


Leah said...

I sure am Patti. Loving our new home out in the country.

Faith Kopp said...


MamaV said...

Does your header keep changing? Not that I mind, but it is messing with my brain ;-)

nicole said...

Everyone looks so happy, healthy and cozy over there. Love the pictures.

Kathy McElhaney said...

Love all the pictures! What kind of mischief was Jack getting into while the rest of the gang sat by the fire? Noticed he was missing!

Stef said...

try to make me jealous with your magical snow fall, see if I care.
Fine. I do.
Happy now?

seriously though. Its amazing. Please send some of it to Seattle.