Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I am in awe. Totally completely in awe.

First of all, so many of you have donated to The Lost Boys Giveaway, that over $3,000 has been raised.  The giveaway will remain open until Julia travels to Eastern Europe- any funds raised over her travel costs will go directly to supplies for the Lost Boys' institution.


…this is Julia's son, Aaron. Today he draws with his hands…and you have to go HERE to see what a fantastic thing is being done with his drawings.

WARNING: grab your kleenex first.


Faith Kopp said...

God has truly blessed this little man and his forever family. It certainly remarkable that he never even saw a tanker truck but knew what one looked like. God is certainly with Aaron.

cara said...

This is awesome!!! I am still going to go over and donate when Jon gets paid next. This is near and dear to my heart. Awesome you are doing this Patti. And I am so thankful to get to be a part of what matters most. xoxo

Mariah said...

This is amazing! It makes my heart sing! A little time ago you mentioned a little something up your sleeve concerning some fund raising it still on? Because I'm ready with my part, if you still want to use it! ;-)