Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Big Fat Halloween Post

I lied.

I'm posting my Halloween pics before I post my pumpkin patch pics.

Blog author's prerogative.

Here's the fam...

...a retro basketball player, batgirl, a cheetah, an Indian mama and her little fox, an Indian princess, Snow White, Mario and Luigi, a basketball hoop and ball, a Hello Kitty Grammi, and a microwave that exploded.

If you're looking for a theme there, we were all representing an important piece of American History.

Okay, I made that up.

Sam went as a handsome father of eleven. I think he pulled it off quite well, don't you ??

Caleb completely designed his own costume. You would not believe how many people asked him if he was a bowl of popcorn. Because people in Corvallis are smart like that.


I took this photo of Tyler from behind, because the front was just too scary.

You're welcome.

Jonathan had to be escorted everywhere by his Grammi, because while designing his costume he forgot that he needed peripheral vision to walk. It was a lot of fun watching my fifteen year old walk around town holding his Grammi's hand :)

And that is my 23 year old son, Josiah, dressed up as Clark Kent. He's posing with his hottie wife, Monique. And that DARLING miniature bump in her midsection is my grandbaby !!!!!!

Every year our Dairy Queen gives out free ice cream cones. Because getting free candy is not enough - we need dessert too. Corvallis really IS an awesome town, even if half its citizens can't recognize an exploding microwave when they see one.

And of course, here is The Great Candy Divide. Piles were made, candy sorted, and the trading that went down afterwards was bigger than Wall Street. Grammi and Mommy may or may not have pilfered some Twix and Reeces in the process.

One final video before I call it a night...

Be back soon with My Big Fat Pumpkin Patch Post !!


MamaV said...

Those costumes are hilarious. I love the basketball and hoop. I may have to steal that idea.

Emily said...

This may be my favorite Rice Family post! Great job on those costumes!

Naomi said...

Oh Kenzie... i love your camera.... sigh. someday.....

Danielle said...

I love how your video freezes on the random blueberry grape girl... ?!?!?! (:

Faith Kopp said...

Oh come on Clark, Canada, really?
Had such a fun time. Keep forgeting to take off my mask.

Michelle Z said...

BOWL of popcorn. HAHAHA! :)

Your family is adorable and lovely!

cara said...

CUTE!!!! Your son really looks like Superman, ha! xoxo