Sunday, November 3, 2013

It's Saturday night, 11:11 to be exact...but in 49 minutes it will be 11 p.m., thanks to daylight savings. How cool is that ? I am blogging in a time warp.

I had big plans to upload all my pumpkin patch pictures right now, because they are spectacular. It was a fabulous time, and we took a bajillion photos to capture it all...but my eyelids are feeling like they are weighted at the moment, so my annual Big Fat Pumpkin Patch Post will have to wait til Monday.

In the mean time, I have four photos and a video to share...and just a few words to go with them.

First, the video :

This was taken last Sunday, the night before Lily was to attend her first ever ballet and tap class. I was pretty jazzed...okay maybe that doesn't quite fit...I was pretty excited about Lily going to ballet, because she so enjoys dancing at home. I bought her new ballet slippers from (free shipping, woohoo) and bought two leotards from a friend on Instagram (thank you, Sarah !) and I prepped Lily for days ahead that she was going to have SO MUCH FUN in her dance class on Monday.

So the big day arrived, and Lily's fan club (Daddy, Mommy, Hayden and Mackenzie) all proudly escorted her to the class together. Soft classical music floated through the hall to greet us, and I nervously unbuttoned Lily's coat while I whispered in her ear, you are going to have so much fun today ! I introduced her to the teacher, who was busy setting things other students had arrived yet, and Lily confidently ran to the center of the room to dance solo for a few moments. She threw her arms out and laughed, twirled a few times, and pointed to her new slippers in delight. Everything seemed to be going swimmingly ... until the first little girl walked in with her mother.

Lily ran shyly to my side, dropped her head, and plopped her thumb in her mouth, where it remained for almost the entire hour of class.

Another student came into the room with her mother, and Lily climbed up onto my lap in stoic silence.

The teacher asked all the children to come sit on the matts in front of her - Lily became glued to me, refusing to move.

I took her over to the matts myself, trying to get her to sit on the floor in front of me ... she wedged her little body between my legs and buried her face in my chest, wimpering "no, mama!" the whole time.

I tried to pry her off my lap, only to have her fling herself backwards, kicking her pretty little slippers furiously against my legs.

I tried coaxing her into imitating the movements of her teacher, but the more I pushed, the harder she resisted.

I finally gave up altogether, and we retreated to the chairs along the wall with the other mothers. The teacher made several kind attempts at getting Lily to join in, and one of the mommies asked her little girl to hold Lily's hand while they danced in a line...but Lily wasn't having any of it.

The second half of the class was tap dancing...towards the end of that half hour Lily ventured off my lap to sit against the window and observe. I noticed her tapping her little feet softly, while she watched her classmate perfectly mimic the teacher - heel-toe, heel-toe, heel-toe...but when the teacher turned and asked if Lily would like to take a turn herself, she shook her head no and plopped her thumb right back in her mouth.

So Monday we will try again, and the next four Mondays after that as well.

And while I am a little disappointed that things didn't go as well as I hoped they would, I am so thankful that we weren't asked to look for another class, or made to feel excluded in any way. I think the more we keep going back, the more comfortable Lily will feel, and I do think this is so good for her - to be stretched a little bit, to do things outside of her comfort zone.

And now it is time for a little shut-eye.....I'll be back on Monday with our pumpkin patch pics -



littlelola said...

have you considered "joining the class" and doing what the teacher is doing so Lily can see you do it? Maybe ask the teacher first and see if that is ok. I know my daughters first ballet class was parent participation since when they are young they are shy at times.

Rachael said...

I teach English in Russia and a lot of kids go through an adjustment period, which can last a few weeks. Once I went up to a kid and asked his name. He burst into tears and had to be taken home. Considering Lily's age, this seems totally normal. No big deal, and a dance teacher for young kids has undoubtedly seen it before.

MarianneF said...

Patti, I just had to comment and tell you that my now 7 year old (typical) daughter did the very same thing when I first took her to ballet class when she was 4 and a half. It was a 6 week summer session and finally on the 6th week she participated and wanted to sign up for the next session. It was so hard to watch and as a large family mom, I hated "wasting" my time, (so much I could be accomplishing right now!) but of course, the time wasn't wasted and my girl came out of her shell and blossomed in ballet for the next year. It just takes time for some little personalities!

mumofsix said...

I'm sure in a few weeks she will love it. All my children have been exactly the same as this for football, ballet, school! You name it. Some of us just like to suss something out before feeling 100% comfortable.

I love the picture of her quiet smile while watching the tap.
Sarah xx