Saturday, November 9, 2013

for the guys

My pumpkin patch pics are on Kenzie's computer...all edited and ready to upload to a post. But Mackenzie is at the coast with friends and ... her computer.

Therefore, this is not the highly anticipated Big Fat Pumpkin Patch Post you all were waiting for.

Instead, it is my Saturday Morning Football Post. Perhaps a little less colorful, a little more muddy, and a teensy more masculine than my typical posts. (Anticipating hate mail accusing me of stereotyping genders in 5, 4, 3, 2.....)

Moving on....this is my little nod to my male readers. Chris and Glenn and LL and (maybe) John T ... I hope you appreciate this Football Episode on A Perfect Lily. I don't endorse drinking (cue more hate mail regarding my stance on drinking in 5, 4, 3....) but I do encourage you to grab a rootbeer and some popcorn and enjoy the show.

Be back on Monday with some exciting news !


Kathy McElhaney said...

Great fun, but what is Jackson doing playing with those giants?! I'm guessing he's the team's secret weapon 😉

Patti said...

Kathy- he's only six, but since we're homeschooling and he is doing second grade work, we were able to get him on Noah's team - which is 2nd-5th grade ;)
he is half the size of the others and twice the heart ! :):) xoxo Patti

Morgane said...

Hi, I've been following you for a while now on IG and I think that you have such a great family ! You're so close, you seem so happy...
I live in France and I'd like to send you something, a little gift for your kids. If that's ok for you, could you give me your address ?
Thank you very much !

cara said...

I think Flag football is the way to go!!! My son fractured his elbow at the beginning of the season and missed all the games, except the last two. He was down on the ground in the last game, and I just hate all the injuries. He had a good last game. But this looks like SO much more enjoyment for me, ha. What a great family activity. Love seeing everyone out there having fun watching them!

Glenn said...

Love it! That's so much better than any Sunday TV game.
I did what I could for The Lost Boys, such a sad but inspiring story. They're amazing people that give so much of themselves. Love ya, Patti.