Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Two weeks ago we had a very special service at church.. we had a baby dedication ceremony for Hayden and Norah, as well as several other children whose parents attend our church.

If you're unfamiliar with baby dedications, this is a time we set aside to dedicate our hearts to raising our children to live for God. We take time during our regular church service to pray for the parents of the babies being dedicated, as well as the children themselves.

This particular dedication was incredibly special to me as a Nana, because of watching our little granddaughter, Norah Jane, be prayed for. She is such a gift, and we feel so grateful for her. Jason and Naomi sang a special song (video below) and I pretty much sobbed through the whole thing.

Mackenzie took these photos of Hayden beforehand…I think they're my favorite pictures to date of him.

Here are Jason and Naomi…also my favorite musicians in the world :)


cathy said...

Bless all of you, EVERY single one of you


I could not be happier for Naomi & Jason & you, Nanna, too

Crystal Kupper said...

NJ is just the tiniest little thing EVER! Love her outfit! And I love baby dedications. They always make me smile.

Danielle said...

Jason did SUCH a good job harmonizing & singing! You should be so proud!!!! (:

love love love this night!

Lori said...

so priceless!!! Hayden looks so handsome...jay and ray love the sweater :) Norah is beautiful...just a total princess!! Hope Hayden is better!!

Liz/happymommy said...

That video of Jason and Naomi singing....I had chills the whole time...love, love, love....they are so talented! I remember Naomi mentioning on her blog about singing that song on repeat after they found out about sweet Nora....they are all truly blessed! Thank You for sharing!

Faith Kopp said...

OK more tears. Good memories, so happy I was there. That second picture of Hayden he looks like a bald, toothless old man, sooo handsome as an old man. Want to kiss, kiss him. xoooxxxooo

Tina said...

Ohhhhh that Norah is so so tiny. She looks like a little lady :)

cara said...

Love their singing together!!! Beautiful! You all are blessed! xoxo