Thursday, November 21, 2013

apples to oranges

It's that time again… the kids are at football practice, Lily is sleeping, and I have a few minutes to blog..

Yippee !!

I've been asked this question several times in the past few weeks, so I thought I would address it here: How is it emotionally, when Hayden is doing things way faster and easier than Lily did things as a baby?

Admittedly, it is a strange feeling. Because not only is Hayden doing things more easily and quickly than Lily- he is doing them fairly early as far as his age goes. He was crawling/scooting and sitting up at five and a half months…he's now just six months old and he is crawling on all fours everywhere and pushing himself into a sitting position.

And a few days ago he started talking…

Did you understand what he just said ? I think it was something along the lines of, "I prefer to be held all the time, Mom…why do you insist on putting me on the floor to play??"

SO any hoot… it is a mix of feelings I'm experiencing these days in regards to Hayden and his milestones. It's exciting and amazing to see him take off so quickly. And yet it's also hard, because in all likelihood he is my last baby. (I know, I know- I said that with Lily. But I'm 45 now, so in reality my baby bearing days are probably over. Sob.) That being said, I just love this age- where every day he is learning something new. It's just fun to watch, and the fun is multiplied when we have a dozen or so cheerleaders in the house in the form of siblings…they all get so excited very time he does something new, and I usually have five different kids running into my room at different times to announce his latest success - "MOM !! HAYDEN IS TALKING !!! DID YOU HEAR HIM ??!"

And on top of all of those feelings is a realization that Lily missed some of those milestones…she NEVER crawled. She went from sitting up to butt-scooting to walking.

But guess what?

She crawled last week. No kidding. I honestly thought she was physically incapable of doing a four-point crawl, because even when she was three she could not mimic us on all fours.

But last week when we were all standing around Hayden, watching him crawl like a pro and cheering him on, she immediately dropped to her knees and began crawling circles around him -- grinning her head off. Somebody wanted to make sure we didn't forget that she is every bit as cool as her brother.

So really, my answer to that question is - I feel fine with it all. Hayden is Hayden and Lily is Lily and they both have their strengths. Hayden is nailing milestones early, and Lily is taking her time and letting us enjoy each one - like watching a flower open up in slow motion - and it's all good.

And honestly, whatever Lily is lacking as far as knocking milestones out of the park, she more than makes up for in personality. She may have learned to fake sneeze much later than most kids, but when she nailed it, she nailed it…

…out of the park.


cathy said...

oh my goodness bless them, both--
love Hayden talking & HYSTERICAL with those sneezes
too, too much!


Danielle said...

It will be interesting to see how many other milestones Hayden hits & lily mimics. The doctors told my mom the best thing for Jennifer would be a sibling.And that is how she got up enough to have me. :)

my family said...

seriously how in the world do you get anything done with those two cuties plus the others:) I may make her face sneeze all day just bc its so darn cute if she were mine, just sayin' :)

Kathy McElhaney said...

Such a perfect description of you perfect Lily - "like watching a flower open up in slow motion."

I love that Lily decided to crawl with Hayden!

Faith Kopp said...

Love those cuties on video. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

CKopp said...

We were so proud of #1 and how he read early, excelled in school, lead the school play (whooda thunk) and all that. He had many some areas. If you were to look at a bell curve, he probably fits right in, somewhere (he failed to make the Olympic pole vaulting team. If only we would have focused on that!) It is hard to know what a child is pre-disposed to excel at, or why they struggle in some areas. Having an extra chromosome makes the guessing game that much harder.

Where will Brandon be at age 30, what will he have accomplished? Where will Lilly be, what will she have accomplished? Hopefully, in both cases, they are near family, and happy. Thats all.

Kiara Buechler said...

I love Lily videos, she makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. She also has fabulous hair, I hope my Quinley ends up with hair like that.

cara said...

Oh that fake sneeze video is my new favorite thing in the world to watch!!!! TOO PRECIOUS! And then all that cuteness with Hayden! You are blessed. Cannot wait to show the rest of the family. They love watching Lily just like Benji.

We are on the same page so often. I have to confess that I have been quite emotional about James's milestones lately. I am SO thrilled to see him saying some words and crawling and pulling up, etc. It is beautiful. And we all get so excited for everything he is doing. But here is the thing: Benji isn't talking yet. He only has a couple of words. And I have been working with them both together. And James will mimic me and Benji won't. And it has been emotional. But then also, Benji has started to say mama and dada like James does. That blesses my heart. James is teaching Benji more than the other kiddos. It is amazing. I am so thankful. Okay, ramble, ramble. But I needed this tonight. Love you Patti! xoxo

teal915 said...

You probably already know this, so sorry if I'm telling you when you already know, but I just heard a neuro-developmental speech pathologist speak, so it's fresh in my head. 4 point crawling is supposedly really important for overall development. She said that the muscles that are used for crawling don't develop all the way if they aren't used. It strengthens the hands for handwriting later as well as other areas, and it helps with overall coordination. So, if she likes crawling now, I'd have her keep doing it. With having Brooklynn now, all of the milestones seem to be happening so fast! I kind of want it to slow down a little haha.

Race Bannon said...