Wednesday, October 23, 2013

a good laugh

It's after ten on Wednesday night, and Sam has given me ten minutes to blog. He is my bedtime enforcer, because left to myself I could stay up til three a.m. blogging. And after a verrrrry long night with Hayden last night, I am in great need of a decent night's sleep.

So anyhoo (dontcha just love that word?) this post is going to be extremely short. I really want to blog more on this little key element to overcoming anxiety and depression, and I promise I will...because while it may be a little key, it is essential. Are you ready ???

It's laughter.

And it is SO good for the soul.

Listen to these ancient words of wisdom :

"A joyful heart is good medicine." Psalms 17:22

Seriously, I have seventeen points to make on this subject, but I just looked at the clock and I now have three minutes til Sam comes and yanks the mouse out of my hand, so I'll just post this little video and call it a night.

Warning : if you are in the dungeon of depression, it might appear that I am making light of your condition by posting this video. I assure you, I'm not. Because I really have been there too. But sometimes we have to step out of ourselves, if you will - and laugh.

One more thing - my brother sent me this two weeks ago when I texted him and told him I was feeling a little panicky about something. And guess what ? I laughed so hard I couldn't feel panicky anymore.



Kelly Marin said...

Hahahahah that was awesome!!! My kind of therapist, heeheeehee.

my family said...

ok that was just too funny!

Faith Kopp said...

I didn't think it was funny. I think it was good advice. hahahahahahahahaha

Race Bannon said...

"...and I don't make change."

Stefany DeLorme said...

hahaha If only we could all just STOP IT this made me laugh thank you!