Saturday, August 24, 2013

pink converse and quirky prayers

Good morning. 

It's Saturday, and thus far it has been just that - a good morning.

This is in part because I decided to do something a little daughter-in-love and I were going to yard sales this morning, and one by one each of my children asked if they could join us. And how do you say yes to one and no to another ?

Answer: I can't. 

Some days I tell one child it's a date just between us - a trip for frozen yogurt or to the grocery store. Today wasn't one of those.

So we drove around town in our fifteen passenger van, scoring all kinds of goodies: a tiny pair of pink converse for Lily being at the top of that list.

I had been looking all week for a pair on eBay, because I'm cheap  frugal like that. And the very first yard sale I went to this morning had these little beauties in Lily's size - for three bucks. Now some people would say that's just a coincidence...and maybe it is. But I really did pray about finding Lily a little pair of pink converse earlier this week. So maybe it was a coincidence, or maybe God delights in showing up in the little details of life just to show us He's listening. And He cares about quirky little prayers just as much as He cares about the big ones.

Like this...

On Wednesday Baby K's birth father relinquished his rights in court. Meaning our grandson is now legally free to be adopted by my son Jason and his wife Naomi. And if you haven't been following their journey for two years, I'll put it in a nutshell for you : this was a complete miracle of God. My kids brought Baby K home from the hospital, and they are the only parents he has ever known. They became foster parents several years ago, and sometimes that means having your heart ripped out. We were facing that situation with Baby K...but God. Don't you love those two little words?

But God....

God intervened and moved on hearts and Baby K is going to officially be part of the Rice family before Christmas. We are so grateful. So very grateful. Thank you for every single prayer lifted up on his behalf. We know there was an army of prayer warriors contending for a miracle, and we got one on Wednesday. Bless you.

And speaking of blessings..

He's three months old, and somehow I can't imagine life without him. I always say this, but how is it that those last three months of pregnancy seem like forever. I mean forever. Waiting, planning, dreaming, trying to imagine who that little person growing inside of you will be. And then he arrives, and it's like he was always here. 

How was our family complete before Hayden ?

And just as I was uploading that picture, he decided it was time for his third feeding of the day. Which brings me to another reason why this is a good morning...I get to spend it with the people who make me happiest in life. Doing the things that make me happiest. I have a house to clean, a laundry room full to the brim, and lots of little people who need me. And now we have a pair of pink converse, an antique candlestick and a $5 lightsaber to make us happy.

What more could we ask for ??

Happy Saturday.


Anna Theurer said...

Happy Saturday! A couple friends and I like to call them "God Winks" :-) with regards to the pink converse. The shoes are adorable. That is great news about Baby K!!!

K Hays said...

Ah what a blessing to my heart to read this. I "only" have 4 kids but I am falling in love with each one of them more every day. The never ending pile of laundry isn't depressing as it used to be when I change my perspective!

Teena said...

found your blog from Ann's. What a blessing. I love peeking into your life. Plan to come back often. I love your little video of Lily.... also, the pink converse.

Happy Saturday to you too!

Much love,

Jessica said...

Beautiful post!! Happy to follow along on this journey with your family!!

Jessica said...

Beautiful post!! Happy to follow along on this journey with your family!!

Faith Kopp said...

Dad and I used to love garage/yard/rummage sale. You can be so creative with other people caste offs. Both your DILs sure know how to get just the right item to perk up an area. Love those converse and the little feet in them. xoxoxox

cathy said...



Queen Zara said...

I call those little blessings "hugs from God" and it's always so awesome to know that He knows and cares about the desires of our hearts. He's a God of detail!

And such wonderful news for your family regarding your grandson~rejoicing with you!!!

Kathy McElhaney said...

I think God delights in showing up for His kids. As much as you love yours, His love is off the charts! Pink Converse and Baby K brought Him delight today.

EN said...

Love this post and I am beyond ELATED about Baby K. It was meant to be! We have a sign that hangs above Josie's bed that said "From the beginning of time you were meant to be mine" and this is the same for Baby K. Congrats!

Meriah said...

seriously, wow. fantastic news. I love that photo too - from the beach. stunning.
xo m

cara said...

I adore her pink converse shoes!! I love to hear how the Lord blesses. It is SO cool how He cares for His people. :)

Totally understand your dilemma of not being able to say no to all those precious kiddos. Has happened to me often.

Cannot tell you how thrilled I am for your whole family that Baby K is now able to be in the Rice bunch forever and ever. God is GOOD!!!! xoxxo

Tammie said...

Lily is so sweet as is Hayden. She is always dressed so cute and her poses are just the sweetest. Love the picture of her and her brother reading. The news about K just topped everything that was perfect with this post off. I have followed their blog from day one and I have just been waiting for this post to come, I am as excited for them as if they were in my family. Does this mean it is a done deal, he will be a Rice very soon? I can just see a HUGE post of a Rice party on its way! Congratulations on you new grandchild even though I am sure he was always your grand baby !

MamaV said...

Baby K!!! That is awesome. I have been praying for him and Jason and Naomi. Woohoo!

Amy P. said...

My fav verse says, "He daily loads us with benefits."