Monday, July 8, 2013

weekend news

It's Monday...which means lots of weekend laundry to do, and as always we are starting the day slow. 

At the Rice Ranch that looks like this: everyone still in jammies at eleven a.m. and the smell of pancakes still thick in the air. And a certain little Lilybird may or may not be running around naked as a jaybird, while mommy leisurely sips her second cup of tea at the computer. Daddy and Mackenzie and Tyler are in Arizona for a week of Bible conference, so we're taking things extra slow this morning. I don't know why I feel no personal accountability to get things clean and rolling when Sam is gone, but I don't. In fact, I just might stay in my jammies all day...and throw some laundry on the floor just for fun. (If you live in town, don't stop by unexpectedly. All of your perceptions of me as a competent housewife will be quickly shattered. Sorry.)

Anyhoot, our weekend was lovely. The cutest grandkid in the universe turned two, and Jason and Naomi threw him the cutest birthday party in the world to match. It was Elmo themed- his favorite- and you can see how spectacular it was HERE.

Lily was especially impressed with the food, namely the potato chips...

...and she was also enamored with Koa's new motorcycle. He was thrilled with his new bat and ball, picked out by is it possible that we have a grandson turning two when just yesterday we were celebrating his dad's second birthday ?!

Speaking of impossibilities, Koa's uncle is already eight weeks old....

"Uncle" Hayden is filling out !!

I know I'm a little biased, but aren't those the most delicious little lips you've ever seen ? I wuv him !!!

Abigail asked for knotty buns like Lily's this weekend. For those who have been eyeing Lily's peach gladiators on instagram, big sissy Kenzie bought them for her on clearance at Old Navy for five bucks.

Side note: I wore similar ones back in my high school days...I knew if I held onto them they'd come back in style one day.




Just a little hashtag love for you there.

Quite a few blog friends have asked how Lily is doing with her new baby brother. I think it's safe to say she's moved from sanctified apathy (she wasn't mad at him, but there was no love lost either at first) to cautious curiosity. She is the binkie replacer, the diaper fetcher, and she does a great job of shushing when he is in need of some comfort. Baby Hayden is also the happy recipient of multiplied big sister smooches throughout the day, but do not ask Lily to hold him ! I don't know if his squirmy arms and legs freak her out, or if she's worried we'll start enlisting her babysitting skills on a regular basis, but clearly asking her to engage in that much physical contact is crossing the line. Still, we are seeing progress here, and I'm sure in a few months she'll be as smitten as we are.

Two items of business before I go attack that mountain of weekend laundry calling my name...I haven't heard from the winner of the iPad yet. Julie, please contact me by Wednesday so we can get your prize in the mail to you.

Also, our friend Ashely is hosting a wonderful auction HERE to help rescue an orphan named Ollie. Please visit to see how you can help.

Happy Monday !!


Megan Reinbold said...

Such beautiful pictures of such a beautiful family!

csmith said...

I've almost decided that I'm done having babies, but that baby yawn, OH MY.

Gretchen said...

Happy Monday! Hayden is a doll, Koa's party looks fantastic and I promise not to tell anyone you let Lily live in PJs and feast on carbs! ;-)

Lori said...

So cute...Love the girls' hair...hayden is the cutest thing ever!!!

cara said...

Cannot tell you how happy I am about Koa!!!! We were praying and praying.

Hayden is just precious!!!! I know you are in love. If I didn't have a baby now, I would sure be wanting one after seeing these pics, ha. But he is already five months, and it just goes SO fast. xoxo