Wednesday, May 22, 2013

babies, orphans, and Lily.. OH MY !

Just popping in today for a few important messages.

One : this little girl wanted to say hello ....

her OH MY face

I took her outside yesterday to take some pictures, because Little Miss has been a wee bit jealous of all the attention lavished on Little Brother this week. I told her to smile for Mama, and she turned sideways and struck several poses....

... I have no idea where she gets this stuff. Clearly Lily does not lack for self confidence !


Two : There are still parents advocating for orphans in Russia who have families waiting for them here in the U.S.

One of those parents is Katrina Morris, a dear blogging friend whom I had the privilege of meeting in March. Katrina and her family were a court date away from bringing their little girl home from Russia when the adoption ban came down. They spent multiplied thousands of dollars and many many months pursuing the adoption of a young girl with Down syndrome. The traveled to meet their daughter and were fully expecting to bring her home this winter. Everything changed with a stroke of Putin's pen, and now Katrina and others are imploring our congressman and administration to do something to help these stranded orphans.

Are you sick of Washington scandals ? I know I am. Wouldn't it be great to see elected officials do something powerful and proactive and good ? Here's a way you can encourage them to do so....

(Letter from Katrina)

We need your help. We are families that are stuck in the Russian Adoption Process. Some of us just got back from DC because we are lobbying the House and the Senate to sign a letter to President Obama begging him to put the adoption ban on his agenda when he meets with President Putin in June. We feel like this is our last hope to get these children home. There are about 300 children who met their prospective parents and are now stuck in orphanages instead of homes because of the ban.
My daughter is a 7 year old little girl with Down syndrome. She will grow up in a mental institution if we do not get her home.
We are asking anyone we possibly can to help get the word out about our letter signing campaign. I have attached a list of congressman who HAVE signed the letter. We need people from the states and districts of the congressman who have NOT signed the letter to call them for us and beg them to please sign it.
Here is the link to those who HAVE signed.
Here is the link to find out who their representatives are
And here is the link to the Senator one
We would feel so blessed if you were to share this with your FB group. We only have until Friday morning to finish collecting these signatures. So far 50 Senators have signed.
You are welcome to send people to my blog also for more information.
Thank you for considering to help us.


Three : We are one thousand dollars away from our goal of raising three thousand dollars to Save Penny, an orphan with Down syndrome in B*******.

Penny's family will travel this fall to bring her home for good. Our iPad giveaway will end as soon as we hit that $3,000 raised mark. Please consider donating to Penny's grant fund on Reece's Rainbow, and please help us spread the word about this giveaway. 


Four : Hayden is ten days old. 

It's hard to believe that a little over a week ago we were anxiously awaiting his arrival, and that he was still tucked away inside of me. Every day is like Christmas around here waking up to this precious little gift from Heaven....

We are so very thankful for our eleventh baby ~ thank you for every sweet comment and word of congratulations after his arrival :)

Now go take on the day !


Katrina said...

I love seeing Lily's pictures. Such a sweet little girl with sass :) Thank you so much for fighting for us once again. For some reason one of my links is down. It's the one that says to click to know if they have signed.Here are the links that work. Sorry about that. We are making progress today but not much luck with Oregon yet. Love seeing your new little guy too.

MamaV said...

Bahhhhhh babies are SO cute! And so is Lily when she poses... And I can't believe Penny isn't fully funded yet. I will have to see what I can do about that :-)

cara said...

I always say just when the pics of Lily cannot get any cuter........... well, she is just too cute and adorable for words! I am glad you got out for a photo shoot with her. I am still trying to make that special time with Benji everyday too. James is a bit spoiled around here and can never be put down. SO, we have to make sure to hold Benji every second we can too!

Hayden is another precious Rice kiddo that is too cute for words. Love him! Looking forward to more and more pics. I know how much you all are enjoying him.

I will spread the word with the information about the Russian adoption. I think our state is signed, but I will check again. I am praying and praying these children are able to get rescued!!!! My heart just aches over this ban.

Rochelle said...

I bet that green eyed monster has a little hold on Lily with Hayden's arrival. Praying that the continued transition is smooth for all.

Mrs. K said...

Miss Lily is such a ham, I wonder how she became that way.

Hayden is such a Rice cutie. Love all the pictures.