Monday, April 22, 2013

We're back and Monday Miscellany

We're back.

After a week of Bible conference I am refreshed, encouraged, and ready to take on Monday.

Which will include tackling about ten loads of laundry and unpacking as many suitcases. But I'm up for it. That last-month-nesting-instinct is kicking in, and although I'm not sure I have the energy to match it, I do have loooots of helpers here. And I fully intend to employ their services. #Springcleaning and #momsabouttohaveababy are going to have a wedding this week, and the results will be painted walls, scrubbed baseboards and lots of Pine-Sol in the air.

Yippee !!

So onto Monday Miscellany...

These photos are an odd assortment of iPhone pics...because I didn't bring my camera to conference, and they're all I have. If you follow us on Instagram you've probably seen most of them already. But not everybody has an IG account, so bare with me. Or is it bear with me? I never know. But I have Mount Vesuvius waiting for me in the laundry room, so I'm not gonna look it up right now.

Lily is obsessed with make-up. Putting it on herself, her brothers, her dolls. Praise the Lord for this fake mini-lipstick someone gave her (I think Grammi) as it has saved clothes and walls and brothers from her um...skills. 

Jackson is a willing subject, and usually her partner in crime in all areas of life. I love the friendship between these two. It's one of those love-hate relationships, because half the time he wants to be in her face kissing her and asking her questions, and girlfriend just wants her space, ya know ? She's learned the word NOOOO and uses it with gusto. And occasionally a slap to the face. Ahem. But the other half of the time they are running all over the house plotting mischief together, and their infectious giggles make up for the typical sibling rivalry that preceded their fun.

It's all good.


I love her bedhead look. And she almost always wakes up with this cute grin on her face. Like- helllooo world, I'm ready to share my cuteness with you. After she's spent five or ten minutes of snuggling, she starts signing and saying "cereal" furiously, as if she hasn't eaten in years.

She sings the whole way down to breakfast, and as soon as she's done she resumes singing and runs off to find her dollies and toys. She is always singing. Always. 


I love having a little girl.

I never get tired of dressing her up and doing her hair and asking her to pose for pictures. Several readers have asked or commented on the amount of clothes Lily has. I admit it- she's a hoarder. Okay, I'm a hoarder. But I would guess that 90% of Lily's wardrobe comes from hand-me-downs...we have lots of friends and relatives (hello Aunt Hopie, Aunt Lori, Danielle, Cassie...) who have little girls that they dress to the nines. So Lily is the happy recipient of all those clothes...and occasionally I splurge and go shopping for her.

We also have a fantastic resale shop one town away called Jack and Jill. They know our family well there. I seriously could do a commercial for that place. They mostly sell clothes for younger children, and we still have 4 of those at The Rice their wardrobes generally come from Jack and Jill.

Just before our trip to California last month I bought Lily five shirts, a pair of shorts, and a pair of capris for less than $25. And they were all Old Navy, Gap, Children's Place and Osh Kosh, and in perfect condition. Buy used and save the difference. (Name that family ;))

Oh, and Lily's oldest sister shops for her constantly. This is the benefit of having children from the time you're in your twenties til you reach your some point you have adults for children who spoil your younger kids worse than grandparents do. Just a little plug for large families there.

Old Navy shirt: Jack and Jill, $4. Jeggings bought by big sissy. Shoes from our neighbor. Bow from Cassie.

Sweater from Danielle, bow from Cassie

Dress from Danielle, tights from Aunt Hopie

White Old Navy blouse from Jack and Jill $3, sweater and jeans from Danielle, bow made by Cassie, biggest splurge ever on Lily's wardobe: Minnetonka Mocs, $25 on Amazon. Worth every penny I paid, as they go with everything !!!

So there you have a mini tutorial on how to dress your girl on a dime. Make lots of friends, shop resale, have kids early AND late in life.

Patti's Helpful Hints.

You're welcome.

I posted this pic on Instagram, and waited for the reprimands to fly. Is that a hot tub? Where is her bathing suit ? Is she in there alone? Fortunately there was only one, and I already predicted it. From Grammi : This makes me nervous.

I'm going to poke fun at Grammis for a minute here. Because I am a Nana, and I just know within a few years I will be doing the same thing- watching out for my grandbabies even though I know their parents are adults. It's just what grandparents do to show their love.

My brother once stepped out of our station wagon in the midst of moving traffic. He looked out the window and decided he wanted to go home, so while my mom was driving he just opened the door and jumped out onto Granite Reef Road in Scottsdale, Arizona. (He did survive. The jump, I mean. The spanking was a different story.)  I think he was three or four. Because back in the olden days we didn't sit in carseats. Or wear seatbelts. Ever.

In fact, most of my childhood was spent lounging in a bean bag chair in the back of my parents' Ford Travel-all. With my brother and sister and our two bassett hounds...we drove back and forth to our cabin in the mountains like this, around windy roads, while my mom yelled "STEVE!" every twenty minutes or so because he was a little drowsy and she was afraid he would miss a curve and send us all plummeting wildly over the tiny guardrail into the canyon below. I have fond memories of dog hair flying in the air, and sticky sweaty arms and legs being stuck to those vinyl beanbag chairs, while we sang songs and played the license plate game for hours.

And then when we got to the cabin we would spend days playing in the forest, walking alone to the tiny general store a mile or so away, collecting pine cones and exploring old run-down empty campers all unsupervised. Sometimes we would sneak out in the early morning hours alone, before my parents woke up, to look for deer or the Mogollon Monster who was said to inhabit our mountains.

But today Grammi sees a picture of Lily standing less than a foot away from me in a hot tub set to pool temperatures and she is nervous :)

Mom- I love you. I promise Lily was safe in this photo, and I'm taking good care of your grandbabies for you.  oxoxox

And Jason and Josiah, when I start asking you to call me at midnight to let me know you got back from a long road trip, even though you are grown married men, please know it's because we just never stop being mothers, okay?

(okay, so maybe I just did that last month. And the month before. And the month before. That's what moms are for !)


This is me a week and a half ago. I'm 34 and a half weeks now, and counting the days til this baby arrives. I am so convinced it's a boy that I have bought multiple blue coming home outfits and a new baby blanket in pale blue and white. If this baby is a girl, I have a TON of shower gifts for my friends having boys this year.


There's this cool app for iPhones called AfterLight, and I use it on almost all my pics. I love the ones that add texture, like the one below. And it's free. More helpful hints here on A Perfect Lily, just for you.


And finally, Lily the posing queen.

Last night before church I told her we were going to take a picture before we got in the van. She walked out the front door, marched over to the spot against the wall I always have her stand, and posed like this. Hands behind her back, cute grin on her face - I took the picture and said "TOO CUTE, LILY!"  and she marched over to get into the van like a big girl. My baby is growing up.

p.s. Mom, I promise that's an empty m&m container in her hands, and not a firecracker about to explode. Just so you know.

Happy Monday !!!


Beckey said...

Patti, is there a way I can contact your privately? I've known you live in the same state we do, just didn't know where you lived until I saw you like to shop at Jack and Jill's! That's where I get most of little girl's clothes. Anyway, we are weeks away from adopting our little guy who has DS and the support groups and resources I've heard about are south of us about an hour. I was hoping you'd be able to point me to some things that are closer in the area. I know you have a lot going on preparing for your little one, so if don't have time, I completely understand.

The Kadel Kids said...

So cute! missed you guys on here.glad you had a awesome conference.:)

Kelly Marin said...

Awww fun!

Mrs. K said...

Oh Patti, I trust you with my grandbabies, most of the time. ;>)
I just think "what if Lils gets up before everyone else and decides she wants to get in the tub". Even when your "babies" are in their 40's you will be worried, are they home safe, how high is that fever going to go before they call the Dr. Why do they want to make it an even 20 grandbabies? I barely (PS bare is naked) remember their names, let alone their birthdates. OK so I am kidding about that last one. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Love ya. Mom

Patti said...

Mom - the tiub is sealed with an extremely heavy zippered lid! :):):)

Patti said...

Becky - feel free to email me.

eliz said...

HA!! She marched over to have her picture taken!! HA!! What little doll! LOVE-LOVE-LOVE watching her grow up! (((BIG HUGS)))

Race Bannon said...

Uh, yah, I was pushed...

Race Bannon said...

p - u - s -h - e -d (poosh)
v. pushed, push·ing, push·es
1. To apply pressure against for the purpose of moving.
2. To move (an object) by exerting force against it; thrust or shove.
3. To force (one's way):

The girl pushed her brother out of the car. said...

It's "bear with me." If you say "bare with me" then you mean, "Let's take off our clothes together!"

mumofsix said...

I adore my mum and I know I will be exactly the same but she does seem to have forgotten how relaxed she was when we were little. I once fell out of our car as she turned the corner in our village. I was about 4 or 5 and she was chatting to a friend when she put me in the car and didn't shut the door properly! I was fine but omg?! Now she wonders if mine should be wearing another layer or on the slide without me at the side. It is funny isn't it?

I love seeing lily and her siblings and you coming up on my IG feed. I use the afterglow app. Apps are amazing aren't they. Such wonderful effects for free!

Jack and Jill looks amazing. I really need a shop like that. We have one in town but the sales staff are quite unpleasant. Never understand that!

Take care Patti and enjoy the last few weeks. Sarah in the UK xxx

Hawkeye said...

Hi auntie patty this is your favorite nephew, I just was remembering the time when my mom was pregnant and you came to take care of me, Brandon and Trevor. When taking care of us you made like a hundred cheese crisps and I ate like fifty. Just so you Know you put me off of those indefinitely.Just thought I'd share my sorrow with you=p. Tell Belac I say He's got amazing knee caps.

Mom of 12 said...

She is getting so big! What a cutie.