Saturday, April 6, 2013

ultrasound news

We had another ultrasound yesterday to check on our baby's growth... not that anyone was worried, because clearly this baby is growing. It's just something they do for women like me, who are ancient over forty.

The good news is my baby is growing nicely. Maybe too nicely.

I was 32 weeks yesterday, and this baby is measuring 33 weeks and 4 days. I should say here that my babies never measure large. If anything, they are small. I was a little alarmed when my doctor told me this month and last that my tummy was measuring ahead...she said this is normal for moms of multiple children. However, this is not normal for me. I don't think I've ever measured "typically" much less ahead. This entire month I kept telling Sam it must be my age, because I don't feel like I have 7-8 weeks left, I feel like I have 3-4. I'm waddling, I'm contracting, I'm sore, I can't sleep comfortably. Waah waah waah.

So yesterday, while the ultrasound tech was measuring this little chunkeroo, I looked at the size of its head and asked how everything was looking. He said everything measured ahead and the baby is weighing about 4 pounds 12 ounces.  I gasped and said I HAVE 8 WEEKS TIL MY DUE DATE. I told him all of my babies weigh between 5-7 pounds at birth. He just kept casually moving the wand over my protruding tummy and kind of chuckled. "Uh, no, this baby will in the 8's at term."  "IN THE 8'S???" I grabbed his arm and employed the death grip. I'm not kidding.

I totally understand there are dozens of women reading this who have had multiple children weighing 8 pounds, 9 pounds, even 10 pounds.

I'm not one of you.

My biggest of ten children was 7 pounds 13 ounces and I felt every.single.ounce. of him coming out.

The baby before him was 5 pounds 13 ounces.

A little while after I delivered my almost 8 pounder,  I turned to the nurse and asked, "What was THAT? That hurt !"

She laughed and said, "That was called labor, sweetie. You've just probably never experienced it."

I've had a baby slide out under the covers...most of my other babies required maybe 2-5 hard pushes.

Jackson (the one I just referred to) was work. I remember hearing a weird groaning noise while I was pushing (I never make a sound during labor or delivery) and I looked around like- where did that come from ? Apparently it was me. I apologized afterwards to everybody for groaning. But that sound was instinctive! Because a locomotive was coming through my body, and it felt very disproportionate to little me.

I also want to insert here that every time I meet a reader in person, they are always shocked at how short I am. I don't know if photos paint a different story, or if people just have someone else in mind when they think of me...but once I met a reader and she exclaimed "You're short ! I was expecting this tall willowy woman !" Sorry to disappoint. I am short, and when I'm not pregnant I wear a size 2 in jeans. In other words, I'm not just short, I'm scrawny.

 So for me, the thought of delivering an 8 pound baby is causing waves of anxiety and yes, hysteria.

After the tech announced this little piece of news as if nothing earth shattering was just revealed, I turned to Sam with panic in my voice- "SAM ! ARE YOU LISTENING ?!" I was sure this was somehow his fault.

"What's a pound or two more? Big deal ! Piece of cake, babe!" I believe were his words.

"Picture pushing an entire block of butter out your pelvic bones- on top of seven more of those - there is a HUGE difference !"

Sam just blinked at me as if his wife just morphed into a raging gorilla...

"And have you ever PUSHED a baby out ??? EVER ?!?!" I sort of yelled at him. Okay I did yell. I think the tech was praying he wouldn't have to break up a fight in his little ultrasound room.

Sam just shook his head and laughed nervously, mopping the sweat off his brow and leaning back in his chair ...maybe it was to get away from me.

"Didn't think so !" I said and turned back to the screen to stare at Monster Baby. At that point the tech had switched to 3d, and the skeletal features of Monster Baby suddenly dissolved into a very distinctive looking person.

And it was then that I realized the impossible was happening.....

I am giving birth to my husband.

It's true.

There on the screen, a brown and white smaller version of Sam appeared, cozily nestled up to the side of my uterus.

I turned to Sam to make sure he was still there, and that the ultrasound tech wasn't waving the gel-laden wand across his face in an attempt at humor. But no, there was Sam, staring at the screen as well, and there on the screen was a mirror image of him.

We still don't know the gender, but if this is a girl, she will have to be dressed in pink for the rest of her life if she doesn't want to be mistaken for her father.

So now we wait to see who this little large person is, and we are praying he/she comes sooner rather than later. And that either the ultrasound tech was wrong, or that my body can handle more than I think it can handle.

Because if I close my eyes and remember Jackson's birth, and the groan that accompanied it, and the way I felt for several days after pushing him out...a visible shiver washes over me.

Ask Sam. He witnessed it in the hospital cafeteria yesterday while we ate frozen yogurt and discussed gender predictions after the ultrasound.

"STOP thinking about it," he instructed... and then shivered himself. Because I think I got that raging gorilla look in my eyes again, before I dissolved into tears.

He's prayed with me about twenty times since leaving the hospital, and I'm sure he'll do so about a thousand times more before I deliver....and thankfully he never gets tired of giving me pep talks and reassuring me that God will help us through this, just like He always has. He bought me a hot tub, a new mattress set, and is doing all the grocery shopping for the next few months. What else could a mama ask for ???

P.S. Hey Sam, if you're reading this...a trip to Hawaii couldn't hurt.


teal915 said...

My 2nd was 8lb 13oz. He was easier than my first, but I am pretty tall and probably have pretty wide hips too lol. Kamdyn was an emergency c-section, because of how she was positioned. Since we only have a little, small town hospital here, they won't let me try a v-bac. I'd have to switch doctors. When my doc told me that I needed to go to the hospital and I would probably need a c-section, I broke down. I couldn't even say the words to Brad. Turned out to be my smoothest recovery and wasn't bad at all. So that's why I'm ok with doing it this time.

Marietta said...

My smallest was 8.13. I'm also no martyr. Epidurals made everything beautiful. Noticed the baby doesn't have a mustache - must be a girl.

The Kadel Kids said...

my first was 2nd 9.12 I thought with my 3rd i would have the biggest baby but they got smaller.. 8.7 and 8.6.well thats small for me epidurals were my I am so excited to see your seeing all of your beautiful children.

angie said...

Oh my gosh, I had to laugh out loud when you said you were giving birth to your husband and saw the side by side picture. Hang in there Patti. You can do it. My 5th was in the 7lb range, but his head was the size of a 10 lbers, plus he was facing sunnyside up. I can remember apologizing for being so noisy too! I am pregnant with #6, and this is the first time I've been pregnancy in my 40's. It is rough! My opinion is if you can get through the pregnancy at this age, you will do just fine with the birth. I'll be praying that the Lord eases your mind, so you can just enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy. :)

A pathologically information hungry mother said...

Too funny. You know they get the weight wrong all the time... Just keep thinking that, they are way off... Nice to see Sam without a mustache again. And yes, the baby is the image of him, unreal!!!

Jane George said...

oh that's hysterical!!! you have me laughing out loud and scaring the dog! they told me Busby would be 9 pounds plus based on scans and measuring, he was actually not even 7 pounds,they can get it wrong! how i wish i were pregnant with you! x

Melissa said...

You will be fine mama. Two of mine were in the seven pound range, one was 4'12 and one was almost nine pounds. He was actually the easiest!Not that is helpful to you, sorry. Betcha get tired of the birth stories...he he.

babypelly said...

Abby was 8lbs 3oz and it was totally fine! You will be fine! Plus they are never right about the weight this early!

Twilson9608 said...

7lbs-9oz's was my largest, so I can understand your fear but I have to say you look fantastic!!! I gained SO much with all of my pregnancies, I looked as if I were delivering ten pound twins!!! You'll do great delivering your husbands "mini me"!

Allison said...

Can't wait for the big day! You look great and teeny tiny still! The more I look at your picture, the more I realize I think that is about how high I carried Hudson. Maybe I'm wrong or it just seemed that high because I'm so short-waisted. Love you and miss you!

Allison said...

and P.S. it's a trip to DC not Hawaii! :)

*Tasha* said...

Uhmmm.... you're over 40?? WHAT? You look 26, no joke. And 8lbs... yikes! At least the water birth seems like it'd help ease some of that.

Rachael said...

A woman in England just had a Caesarean...I've never even had babies and that was enough to make me want to curl up and hide. Good luck with your upcoming birth, I'm sure it will be great! Big baby and all.

Crystal Kupper said...

Take heart. I am 5-foot-3 and also a size 2 when not pregnant. My babies are all 8+ pounds. My mom (with 6 kids) is normally a size 0 and all hers were 8.5 to 10 pounds. You can do it! :-)

Sonya said...

I hope it will encourage you that of my 6 babies, the two hardest deliveries were born at albs,2oz. and albs,8oz. and my easiest by far was my largest at albs, 11oz. Yes, I knew his head was larger as he came out but I would trade his labor for the smaller ones any day! Funny, he was also my baby I was on a strict raw food vegan diet! Imagine what would have happened if I was eating regular food! Also, all my babies were early except one, and she actually lost weight because she was overdone!
I used to have an agreement within me that I would sacrifice my boys looking like their daddy (who has very strong facial features) as long as my girls looked like their mona. Not that I'm that beautiful but my husband has one of the largest noses anyone has ever seen! When my first daughter came she looked-and looks more like everyday-her father! And she is the most gorgeous girl ever! Can't explain it!

Jessica said...

Girl, you missed a great opportunity here. Have a fundraiser fr guessing the babies weight.

My bid RIGHT now, is that your baby weighs 6 lbs and 1O oz.

Do you now how HORRENDOUSLY off those late term ultrasounds are? Seriously, I work in maternal health. You have this you, you will be fine.

Kelly Marin said...

well heres one more Patti... I gained an insane amout of weight during Isaacs preg, and i looked like a whale! in labor my dr asked if they told me i was having a large baby i said yes all my ultasound pics said 9 lbs minimum and so much to my surprise i delivevered a little scrawny thing, i was kinda dissapointed haha.

Race Bannon said...

Doctors shmoctors...I'd rather go to veterinarian, they gotta be able to cure a lizard, a chicken, a pig, a frog - all on the same day!

Michelle said...


Megan Denver RunningMommy said...

My sister was 12 pounds 5 1/2 ounces when she was born. Luckily for my Mom, she was born via c-section.
Since my Mom seemed to have big babies, I was terrified I would too. But, my daughter was 7 pounds 12 ounces and my son was 1 pound 12 ounces. (He was born at 27 weeks).
Good luck! You'll do great!

MamaV said...

According to my midwife, there was a study done and mothers have a better chance of guessing their baby's weight correctly than a doctor with an ultrasound. She didn't bother to guess my son's weight, but I did. I guessed 8 1/2 lbs, and he was 8 lbs, 7 oz. pretty impressive, right? He got stuck coming out, though, and I ended up in the OR getting an emergency C-section.
Anyway, you can do it! Baby probably isn't as big as the doctors say ;-)