Tuesday, April 2, 2013

letter from lily

Hi friends,

Lily here.

I just wanted to give you a quick update about what I've been doing lately. I'm three now, so I'm doing a lot of big girl things... and Mama says it's just in time for the new baby sister or brother that I'll be getting next month.

I'm learning how to go find my own shoes and put them on myself now. I usually need help, but I try. I also go grab my purse when it's time to leave. A girl has to have her accessories, you know. I always stuff it full of the essentials before putting it over my shoulder...make up, credit card, keys, baby bottle, cell phone...I never leave the house unprepared.

I've been playing outside with the kids a lot lately. The weather is turning nice, and I'm not afraid to walk on the grass anymore. I used to be a little timid about that last summer, but not this summer. 

I've always loved to dance, so nothing is new about this video. Except mom says I've added some new moves to my repertoire. She says the dance gene is located on the 21st chromosome, and I have no idea what that means. All I know is that WHENEVER I hear music I must dance.

 I love playing with my brothers and sisters but I can also entertain myself pretty well when they're gone. I host tea parties for my dollies, feed them, sing to them, and clean up all by myself too.

Some of the new words and phrases I'm learning are :

OH GOSH (I say this all the time)

Sissy is cool

Ty Ty is cool

Daddy is cool

Mama is cool

 (insert each of the names of my siblings) is cool

GUYS !!! (when I want to get everybody's attention)

get down


no !



get dressed




I'm very good at repeating words now...I used to have a hard time duplicating sounds, but my brothers and sisters get me to say words all the time . Jackson is the one who taught me to say I want to get dressed. I don't put all the words together yet, but he helps me to try.

Abigail helps me a lot too. She's the one who says oh gosh all the time, so I picked it up from her. It's my favorite expression.

If I want more Cheerios in my bowl and Mama says they're all gone, I slam my hand on my high chair and yell GOSH !!

If I don't want to put my shoes on and my brother tells me I have to, I slap my hands on my sides and yell GOSH !!

In fact if there's anything I don't want to do, I roll my eyes and say GOSH.

It's just such a handy word.

 I'm just having so much fun being three.

And now I have a special favor to ask you. Do you remember Baby Emma ? She went to be with Jesus just 26 minutes after she was born. Her mama is really missing her....really missing her.

I can't imagine what my mama would feel like if she missed me that much. So we decided to send Baby Emma's mommy a special gift...it's a Scentsy warmer and we sent her some fragrance bars to go with it. That way every time she turns it on she remembers that we're praying for her.

My mama and I wanted to invite readers to send Baby Emma's mommy more fragrance bars to use throughout the year.  We set up a Basket Party for her mommy Jessie, in my Scentsy store for the month of April. If you would like to order fragrance bars for the Garvin family, just email my mama for Jessie's address at psalms127.5@gmail.com ....you can go HERE to order the bars and have them sent to her. At the end of the month my mama is going to take any profit she made from the basket party to buy more bars for Baby Emma's mama. If there are any rewards for the party- like half off items, or gift credits, she is going to use them to buy Jessie more bars. That way, hopefully, she has bars to last her for many months. We love the Garvins, and we want them to know how many people are praying for them.

Thanks so much to all the wonderful people who left encouraging comments for Baby Emma's family here...she and her daddy said they helped so much, and it was such a blessing to know how many people are praying for them.

That's all for now ...

Lots of love,

Lily oxoxox


Twilson9608 said...

Watching Lily's videos put a great BIG smile on my face!!!Especially when you were having her say "cool" and "shoes"!

Mrs. K said...

OH Lily, I love when you write a letter in Mama's blog. Loved, loved, loved all your cool video's. xoxoxoxox Grammi

MRafford said...

Already love seeing pictures of Lily on instagram but seeing her in video is just amazing. She is such a cutie.....I just want to hug her! :)

goldenleaves said...

She is so cute! And totally correct about the dancing gene. Lauren is a dancing queen at just 13 months old!

cara said...

I LOVE the videos!! Lily is one smart girl as I always say, and I have enjoyed watching her grow and learn. She is also just too adorable for words.

My heart goes out to Baby Emma' s mommy! I cannot imagine the pain. I will have to go to the Scentsy store!

Lori said...

So big :) I am so proud of you lils :) Tell your mom her link is not working...the one to go HERE to send bars to emma's mom...love you!!

JC said...

Loved the videos! Lily is doing so great :)

lindley said...

Oh my! Just discovered your blog via someone I don't even know, but wow! I quickly read a few, but saw your comment about your "get over yourself" post and poured over it. WOW on the part about not wanting others to have a negative view of your family. For me, that hit home. I love my family and wouldn't anyone on the outside looking in to not--simply because our 4th little boy has DS. I just want everyone else out there to know how very blessed we are---whether we planned it this way or not! I can go on, but I'll stop! Thanks for sharing your faith with the bloggy world!

JamesRock7 said...

Pretty Lily!! I hope she could learn more words soon :) and I hope my Emy could learn to talk soon too :3 Blessings for you :)