Saturday, February 16, 2013

the gift of motherhood

 It's Saturday afternoon, and I have umpteen million things calling for my attention. Not the least of which is a post-Valentine's banquet at our church tonight to cook for...we decorated last night with lights and banners and streamers and centerpieces, and I am just a wee bit excited for the event. I overheard Mackenzie telling my daughter-in-love that "my mom gets into party planning" as we were preparing the church sanctuary. She's right. I love making special occasions happen, especially for the people I love the most.

 But I also love the little, seemingly obscure moments that fill our days, because if life was just one big holiday, I don't think I'd enjoy it as much, you know? Every day can't be Disneyland. We'd get tired of it, and probably wouldn't appreciate it as much. I've heard this fluctuation between the ordinary and the extraordinary called a  lot of things...ying and yang, ebb and flow, etc... I think the ancient scribe nailed when he said "to every thing there is a season..."

 A season to celebrate and turn up the excitement level and yes, party plan...and a season to just relax and revel in the small things. And while sorting through pictures of the week just now, and smiling at the sweet little moments that were sandwiched in between the big ones, I realized again what a blessed mama I am.

Lily, pre-speech therapy

she's rockin' it big time. so proud of my girl

as always, she practices on her babies afterwards...and writes notes on their progress to give to their mama

 When I was little I watched Sesame Street a lot. There was a little segment once where a beautiful African-American mama was bathing her equally beautiful bronze baby in a galvanized tub. She had a little sponge that was oozing with baby bubbles, and she lovingly stroked her baby's shoulders and back as she sang a lullaby to him. He smiled up at her with water streaming down his chubby face, and she leaned over and kissed the top of his curly head. Even as a little girl I felt that instinctive mama-urge...the one that kind of squeezes your heart when you see that kind of unconditional love shared between a mother and her baby, and you want it for yourself. I couldn't wait for the day to have my own little chubby baby, to give baths to, and sing to, and swaddle in a soft baby towel...

 I'm living out my childhood dreams. I truly am.

 I had other dreams when I was younger...I wanted to be a teacher, an artist, a writer...

And it dawned on me today while I was sifting through photos and soaking it all up...I get to be all of those things too. Somehow God took all those desires, wrapped them all up in a beautiful package called motherhood, and gave it to me as a gift.

And every day I have the privilege of opening up that package again and again.

The contents may be different each day...silly antics or crazy laughing or intimate heart-to-heart discussions with my children...or just the simple, peaceful pleasure of bath-times in the sink.

They're mine to unwrap and enjoy and treasure, and nothing could replace the joy and fulfillment I feel because of this gift I've been given.

holding her baby up to say "cheese"

I'm a blessed woman. We may not have a mansion or drive the nicest car or dine at the finest restaurants. But we are the richest people on earth because of the blessings we've been given that are beyond measure.

An excerpt from my favorite book...

"Fancy you being contented there," smiled Christine. "Do you really never feel thatyou want a broader life? You used to be quite ambitious, if Iremember aright. Didn't you write some rather clever littlethings when you were at Redmond? A bit fantastic and whimsical,of course, but still . . ."

"I wrote them for the people who still believe in fairyland.There is a surprising lot of them, you know, and they like to getnews from that country."

"And you've quite given it up?"

"Not altogether . . . but I'm writing living epistles now,"said Anne.
~ Anne of Ingleside, L.M. Montgomery

Happy, happy weekend.


crystalkupper said...

That skirt is a riot! And great thoughts on motherhood. Totally sounds like something my own mom would say.

Kelly Marin said...

I never did like Christine. Great Post!

Danielle said...

Who is Christine? True confession... I've only ever watched the movies!!! I tried to read the first one once, and Anne's constant chatter annoyed me (granted I was trying to read it aloud to my middle schoolers and it was exhausting trying to talk like Anne! ha) Maybe I should try again... Love this post. Love the quote in the box at the end... just might steal that one.

JC said...

This was beautiful. Loved it. And that picture of Lily laying on the floor with her cute little pig tails...My favorite to date!

Shauna said...

what does it say about me that I recognized that quote from the third word? my favorite too!

Stori said...

No way - favorite book series of all time and also one of my favorite quotes from the book. I think of it every time someone acts weird and snide about my leaving my high paying engineering job to stay at home. My work at the big corporation will pass away, but my daughter will last forever! I much rather pour out my life into he

Sonya said...

Thanks for sharing your zeal. I have also wanted to have a baby since I was a baby and am so happy, even on the hard days, to be surrounded by my favorite people every day! I hadn't thought of how God used the other passions of my life to complement my job as a mama.
BTW, if you notice excessive hits on yours site from us, you are our favorite place to visit! I have computer savvy daughters who are 6 and 4 and they are constantly on your site! We also played Lily's videos more times than we could count! Precious!

Unknown said...

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This was beautifully written and exactly how I feel. It made me cry. Thanks for reminding me how special my job and life really are!

Anonymous said...

I keep hoping you'll post a picture of you pregnant.

Mrs. K said...

Every word, every picture, PRECIOUS!!!

Laura said...

Oh my goodness! I so connected with this post! I'm a huge Anne fan too and when I was younger I never enjoyed the later books in the series. I actually felt sorry for Anne for, what I interpreted as, losing her spark. She became so normal! I actually did reread the books since Ben's birth and loved the later books. Life does strip away your innocence bit by bit, but I've found this new life to be so much richer!!! Great post Patti!