Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Party at the North Pole

*warning - the slideshow starts automatically and I don't know how to fix it. Tomorrow when I wake up I'll try to do that. But...

It's very late...actually, very early on Wednesday morning. Last night we hosted our first ever North Pole Party, and I made the mistake of drinking several mocha frappucinos while I did party prep yesterday....the result being that I am now posting at 4:33 in the morning, and I am just beginning to feel sleepy. (I don't normally do caffeine, but the next time I need to be up all night for something I will know how to do it.)

I think somebody sneaked something into Lily's sippie last night, because she is laughing and trying to swipe the mouse as I type...girlfriend is WIRED on something, although it might be the fourteen candy canes she consumed yesterday while I wasn't looking. So if you notice the following slideshow has any repeat photos in it, chalk it up to one glazed-eyed mama with a feisty toddler on her lap, and pretend it looks perfect.

Because it was a perfect night. About fifteen minutes before the party started I heard a piercing shriek, and several seconds later Caleb and Noah were carrying Jack into the room, his arm dangling precariously at his side. I had visions of racing him to ER and asking them to throw a cast on his arm STAT, as I had a party to host. But Nurse Mackenzie took one look at the crooked limb, promptly jerked it back into place, and voila --- good as new. We haven't raised 7 boys around here for nuthin' and nurse's elbow is something we can fix in a jiffy.

So yes, the party was saved, and I don't think I've ever had so much fun in the presence of 21 children before. (If you count my oldest as children...which I do ;))

It was...fantastic.

My kids are all plotting next year's party already, and how we can do it even better. I don't know that it's possible, unless St. Nick and all his reindeer landed on the sunroom roof and dropped in for a visit. Because if you could have heard the excited squeals of all those kids when they spotted several elves running past the window- you would have thought someone just handed each kid a million bucks. They were that thrilled. I'm sure my littlest ones are going to be peeking out our windows every day until Christmas looking for a return of pointy-eared little people in green caps.

(side note: you don't even have to actually have pointy ears to pull this off- these children were certain they saw pointy-eared creatures with pointy shoes riding reindeer in my backyard, when it fact it was just Jonathan and Caleb with elf hats on. I want to be that young again !)

Hope you enjoy this little slideshow. All photo credit goes to my lovely daughter Mackenzie (with a few taken by Abbi and myself), all inspiration goes to my fellow blogger and friend Kelle, as well as Pinterest, and many thanks to the sweet mamas who dressed their little angels up and stayed to help pass out treats and cocoa and gifts.

Enjoy !!

*** restart and un-mute the sound to enjoy the slideshow with music***


Mrs. K said...

Good golly I do not have enough tissues. I am grinning from ear to ear and crying tears of joy and regret. What a wonderful time to be a young parent again. What a wonderful time to be a child. Your home looks absolutely lovely, so magical, so festive. I want to be there next year!!!!

Katrina said...

Looks like so much fun. Wish I would have been invited :) And I am a little jealous of your sun room.

Allison said...

We had such a blast! Thank you so much for inviting us and for all your hard work! Love you!

Heather said...

Beautiful job Patti! Look how much happy you brought everyone. xoxo

crystalkupper said...

Sheesh, now I feel so guilty... :-)

Maria said...

Wow, Patti, you did Kelle proud.
That looks beautiful! Looks like everyone had an amazing time. Sit back & enjoy the holidays now!!

cara said...

Perfectly perfect!! Looks like SO much fun. My kids would have a ball. Now, I have to just show them the video to enjoy since there is no North Pole party happening here. What a fun mommy you are.


Lori said...

how fun!!! You did an awesome job :)

Merideth said...

What a wonderful amazing magical looking night! SO wish I had been there!


Race Bannon said...

Why does the slide show start automatically? Did you know it does that?

Tammie said...

Looks like you all had such a great time. I love the squeals of delight, like music to my ears. Love to see children so happy and excited.