Friday, April 29, 2011

morning milestones

Dearest Lily,

Last week you had several nights of crying until three in the and on you would wake up wailing and thrashing, and no matter what I did to try to console you, you just cried and cried. I checked for little swollen bumps in your mouth to see if it was teething that made you so sad, but found nothing.

Wednesday night my throat started hurting before church, and by the time I got home I couldn't even swallow, it hurt so bad. For the past two days I have been on the couch, feeling like a truck hit me- I ache from head to toe, and my throat is killing me, my nose is stuffy and I feel like crying myself. So now I know what was bothering you last week, and I'm so sorry that you felt this miserable! Just as tylenol wasn't doing the trick for you at 3 a.m., it's not making a dent in this nasty flu for me either. At least it only lasted a few days with you, so hopefully it's not much longer for me.

In the mean time, I've been uploading lots of recent photos of you...






I've been wanting to journal about how much you've been learning lately, so now that I have a good excuse to be bedridden, I can take some time to do it!

Something I've noticed lately is that mornings are your best times for "showing off."

We may or may not be able to get you to perform all your little tricks throughout the day, but when you wake up we're pretty much guaranteed to get a good response from you. For instance, you now know how to point to my nose when I ask you where it is. You can do the same for my eyes, hair and teeth, and if I ask you where your toes are, you hold them up for me to kiss. You can clap your hands on demand or wave "hi", and if you're in a really good mood you can give kisses...but just by smacking you lips together- so far you haven't tried to plant one on us:) So every morning we go down the list of things you can do, and you instantly comply.




Lately you've been verrrry interested in my make up. If my purse is open you scoot over to it as fast you can, and dig through the contents til you find my mascara or lipstick. The other day you had it on your chin and cheeks before I could stop you, and you shrieked when I took it away. Yesterday you got ahold of my mascara...I think you thought it was a hair care product or something...

...when you realized it wasn't doing anything for your hair, you decided to use it as a toothbrush...



I love your bedhead look. Your hair is so fine that it's pretty fuzzy when you wake up, and Daddy and I think you're so adorable with it sticking up all over.


You're a morning girl just like your mama. Unless you're teething or sick, you always wake up in a happy mood, and I love our early mornings together.




Caleb has been teaching you to stand and to take little steps, and yesterday you were pretty proud of yourself for balancing against his legs for a few seconds...


I don't know what it is about mornings, but it's like you're taking everything in and making mental notes about all the things you see...


Abigail has been teaching you love it! It's so cute how you put your hands up for her to help you do the motions when she starts to sing.




I know I have said this about every baby, but it feels funny that there was a time when you weren't a part of our lives. You're only 15 months old, but it seems like we've always woken up to mornings with our Lilybird, seeing what our baby girl can do.

Daddy came home from work today with a book about Down syndrome that someone gave to him called Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do. The introduction was written by a woman named Karen Gaffney. Among many other incredible achievements, she graduated from college with her Associates of Science Degree and her Teacher's Aide Certificate...and in 2001 she swam across the English Channel on a 6 person relay team. She also swam 4 miles around Alcatraz Island.

Oh, and she has Down syndrome.

You know what I think?

I think there are going to be words written some day about an equally motivating young woman. I believe there is going to be a list of accomplishments that follow that young lady's name, and I bet that list is going to exceed all of our wildest expectations and make us so proud we can't read the words through our tears. I think she's going to amaze us with all the things she CAN do.

You know why?


Because you're already doing it every day!

Love always,

Mama oxox


Jane@flightplatformliving said...

ok made me cry again! hope you feel better soon patti! x

Deanna said...

so impressed by everything that Lily is doing! Addison is still extremely stubborn and refuses to obey ANY verbal commands...even wave or clap.
I think you're right, though. No matter how slowly they may get there, our kids are going to amaze the world, and I can't wait to see how!
Hope you're feeling better soon!

Mrs. K said...

Oh my poor babies. Wish I could be there to make you and Lils feel better. But I know the children are taking care of you while Sam is at work.

Didn't I tell you there was nothing to worry about...Lily Anne is going to be just fine. She cannot help but accomplish much with all those "teachers" and all that love from various sources. Besides, Lily has a lot of Grammi in her....just look at how cute she is then look at my baby pictures. :>P hee hee

Mrs. K said...

It's me again...look at your own baby pictures, you will be looking at Lily.

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

sorry to hear Lily has been sick...not fun and hope you get to feeling better...I love the early mornings with my girl...great pix! Lily is getting so big! smiles

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please go get a strep test! We have had kids at school getting rashes and having other complications from untreated strep. The sore throat will go away, the strep may not. Love checking in on sweet Lily everyday.


nicole said...

Hope you feel better soon, Patti. Thanks for the cute pictures ~ you're a trooper!

Heather L. said...

I just ran across your blog (no idea how - just clicking around through blogland!!!) and I have to say that your little Lily is just TOO cute!!! My daughter and I were dying over her little pigtails =) She is just precious -what a blessing - enjoy her!

Heidi Ehle said...

Of course little Lily is going to have a long list of accomplishments! She's going to take on the world, one sweet smile at a time. Even though at first it seemed that Down's was a limiting disability, now you can see it for what it really is...unlimited possibility! :) And I know that if you are anything like me, that vision in your mind of your beautiful Lily all grown up is absolutely breathtaking! I know that personally, I can't WAIT to see what plans God has in mind for my Lydia!!!!!

Alaina and Kyle said...

It's so funny you write about Karen because a couple weeks ago we were flying to Portland and when we were waiting in the airport this lovely lady came right up to us and told us how much Beau will accomplish and after talking to her for awhile she started to tell us all about her niece...Karen! Such a small world!

patsy said...

sorry you are feeling bad....hope you feel better soon! and the pic of miss lily staring at her hands...miss maggie rae still does that all the she is so amazed with every little thing HE created :)

Anonymous said...

I am SO sorry you are sick Patti!! You know I am praying for you.

This post is once again beautiful. I love seeing how God is using Lily now, and I cannot wait to see all the things He has in store for her.

I really, really just love looking at all of these precious pictures. Much love, Cara

Katy said...

Would you stop making me cry already?! ;-) I'm so sorry you're sick, Patti. Thanks for continuing to share your amazing little girl with us, anyway! Praying you get better quickly.

teal915 said...

We met Karen Gaffney a few months ago. She was incredibly gracious and kind, confident and happy. I had to ask her if there was ever time when she was sad that she has Down Syndrome, and she said no! It's just part of her life. She is amazing.

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

Oh how I love that Lilypie - such a sweet doll baby! Hope you get feeling better soon!

Jonny Quest said...

How come SHE gets so much hair? :)

Mrs. Mama said...

Just came across your blog. And I have wept and wept and wept. I don't even have words right now. I just want to tell you, your daughter is absolutely beautiful... and perfect. And you are an AMAZING mother. God bless you.

Jennifer said...

Patti...what an amazing, heartfelt, tender blog. I'm so happy you stopped by my blog tonight and I was able to connect with yours as a result. You are an amazing mom, I can tell by your writing and the love that you convey through it for your beautiful daughter. What a blessing I'm sure Lily is to you and your family but even moreso, what a gift to her from God that she was sent to your a wonderful and loving mother.

I hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day this year!

jennifer :-)

J said...

Sounds more like strep to me than flu. Never really heard of sore throat with flu. But strep will KILL your throat and out you on ur behind for days without antibiotics. Also very contagious. Also, if not treated can lead to serious heart problems!

With a sore throat THAT bad, fever and body aches, it sounds like strep!!! Which really MUST be treated w antibiotics!