Thursday, March 24, 2011

A glass half full

Dearest Lily,

If I didn't know better, I would think you were listening to some conversations I've been having lately with other mamas...


Just last week I was telling someone that I was not sure if you were really understanding us when we asked you to do certain things. For instance- you used to wave in response to us waving, but you stopped doing that a little while back.


I know this is typical for all babies- to pick up a new skill and then "drop" it while they master a new one.


But lately you seem to take particular pleasure in ignoring our requests to perform.


You get a ..yes, I'll admit it, a wicked little grin on your face, and you seem to almost delight in refusing to do something...


If you're in a stubborn mood, we could ask you to wave...or ask "how big is Lily??"
and you just grin ...or shake your head at us...or do both.


Karen, your therapist, says without a doubt she has seen a common trait of stubborness over many years of working with children with Down syndrome.

I looked up synonyms for stubbornness tonight, and here's what I found:

adamancy, bullheadedness, contumacy, doggedness, indomitability, inflexibility, mulishness, obduracy, obstinacy, perseverance, pertinacity, determination.

I'm going to call it determination right now... my little attempt at seeing the glass half-full!




This new found "determination" has its perks...because right after I got done telling someone that you weren't really waving in response to us anymore...and that you hadn't learned to clap yet...


You determined to prove me wrong!

You've been waving at anyone who will tell you "hi", and clapping on demand for the first time. Sometimes Mommy has to tell your siblings, "Don't show her!" because I'm so thrilled to see you doing something purely in response to a verbal prompting, without any example of how it's done.

Your brother Josiah marched into my room yesterday, indignation spread across every feature...

"When did Lily learn how to clap, and when were you going to tell me this?!"

Over the course of three days every one of your siblings has come to me announcing proudly,
"Mama! Lily knows how to clap now!!"


You're pretty proud of yourself, and for now that "stubborness" trait has given way to the desire to impress us all again.


Speaking of impressive, it seems that you have determined to pick up a new skill every day!

Here are some new things you have been doing lately:

*standing while holding on to things for several minutes...



*balancing on your feet while standing and repositioning yourself when you start to fall

*placing objects inside other objects




*sorting through containers of toys for the one you prefer


*banging two objects together



*waving your arms to music, and "singing" to music as well

*raising your arms for "up"



*feeling everything- you love textures now; you rub your hands on every surface and pick up the tiniest objects


*pulling your socks off:) Mommy tricks you by putting tights on under your pants!


I'm so proud of my determined little girl.


“There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.”
Ella Wheeler Wilcox


Loving you always,

Mama oxox


Jane@flightplatformliving said...

utterly beautiful. her brothers and sisters joy at her clapping brought tears to my eyes! go lily. what a super star you are xxx

Deanna said...

LOVE. Go Lily! I put tights under Addison's pants too...otherwise she would never ever keep those little socks on. (-: So happy that Lily is clapping on command. WOW. (-: Loved your guest post yesterday. Was at work and wasn't able to comment, but it was so extremely beautifully written, it inspired me to greatness. (-:

Janie Fox said...

you/she make my day!

Mrs. K said...

First: read your guest post yesterday and loved every word, you express yourself so well, such deep provocative thoughts come spilling out so easily. Loved the pictures, as usual.

Second: this is yet another post I want to print out all the pictures and plaster my sewing room walls with them. Try to soak up each and every milestone as it happens, it is impossible to remember all of them but live in the moment. Give that determined little soul a hug from Grammi.

Wren said...

Holy explosion of new fine and gross motor skills! It's been a fun week at your house...way to go Lily!!!! I love the pictures of her on the deck trying to pull her socks off, she's such a doll!!!

kecia said...

it is so true...that stubborness can also be good when it is what THEY want to do! She is doing so well! What a cutie!

Cody said...

BEAUTIFUL for the eyes & soul


Sara said...

I love the tights trick, alas I have all boys so they pretty much live in sleepers with feet;) I enjoy your blog so much, "beautiful" music. You really have a gift for the written word. And your Lily is truly beautiful and endearing.

Candy said...

I love your style! Yes, both Lily and Mama's styles! The word indomitibility is also a good one. We know since your blogger friend, Reagan, showed a lot of that this week in making it impossible for themt o keep her in the hospital. You go girl and keep leading the way :)

Kelly Marin said...

I prefer to think of the word strong willed rather than stubborn. A strong will will get you places! Lily is so beautiful, I love your pictures!

Anonymous said...

More beautiful pictures!!! I love them all and cannot pick a favorite. But the one of her trying to get her socks off is pretty funny! I am not sure what to do with Benji- we have lost SO many socks because he pulls them off and throws them. I might feel a little odd putting tights on him. But that is a really good idea. I never thought about that with my other girls when they wore pants. What a gift to watch all of the things Lily is doing. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. She is very smart!! Love her. Love, Cara

Rochelle said...

Hmm, maybe she has been listening to her determined mother helping save orphans and she has decided to join in. =) I love that she is showing stubborness, totally typical timing!

blessingsandglory said...

Go Lily go! You are amazing sweet girl! {And so is your mama!}

Jenny said...

Loved this :) Every picture of Lily was beautiful...She sounds like she is doing amazing!