Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Dear Readers,

Random.org has chosen the following readers from the comment section:

The first hat, from tendertwigdesigns goes to :

What a beautiful girl your Lily is. The story of her name gave me goosebumps too.
My favorite Christmas tradition is one we just recently started. We are always so very busy during the holidays making sure we get time with both my family and my in-laws. When our oldest was 2 (he is 5 now) we had a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas Eve. We do it every year now, and find that it's such an easy and fun way to explain to our kids what we believe about Christmas. It gives us time together at home as a family and puts a stop to the hurried ferver that Christmas can become - even if only for an hour or two.

And the second cap from sling-a-bye-baby goes to:

Alison Tardy
I love that you were thinking of having another so soon. I was the same way about a month after Amelia was born.
I absolutely adore the second hat if I really have to choose. My favorite tradition is one that really only started last year. While I was pregnant my Mother in Law showed me how to make applesauce cinnamon ornaments. She was the first person to do a "craft" holiday activity with me. We plan to make them next month with Amelia

Congratulations! Please email me with your contact info so I can send it to the etsy sellers and they can mail you those sweet little caps!

I have to say that when I went to Random.org....I actually won the cap with my Russian comment. HA! Obviously I had the website pick a new winner;) And...if you are the original Russian commenter, who asked "How register for this?" ...I hope my brother and I didn't offend you with our Russian banter afterwards. We're a little weird that way. And now I know that google translater doesn't get it right all the time- my brother thought I was telling him to stop overwhelming the comment section with his elegant comments, when in fact I was saying stop hijacking my comment section with his snarky comments. Ha.

One more thing: I LOVED reading about everybody's Christmas traditions!! If you have time, go read the comment section and enjoy!!

I have two therapists coming in just a little bit for Lily...her regular EI therapist, and a speech therapist...and I have no letter to Lily, as I have to tidy up my house. But here are some cute photos I took of Lils the other day...and something else that's coming up...











...this Friday there will be another giveaway! A fabulous etsy seller is giving away a $25 gift credit to one of Lily's readers....can't wait to see who wins! And if you're from Russia..Вы должны платить за собственную доставку, если вы выигрываете!



Elisabeth said...

I just have to tell you that I LOVE all the pictures you post of Lily in her adorable dresses, hats and headbands. That is one thing I definitely miss having boys.

Mrs. K said...

Oh my I loved ALL the picture again, I could look all day at pictures of ALL the grandchildren. I really laughed at the two that Lils is lying down and has the hat in her little hands and it looks like she is trying to put it back on. Then she is sitting up with a goofy look on her silly face. Oh I could just scoop her up and smother her with kisses.

Will have to go back and read comments from the contest. I often forget to read past comments. I just bet your brother let his humor get the best of him.

BTW how did you learn to type Russian? :>)

Melissa said...

Congrats to the winners, and you can't go wrong with all the cute photos!

Patti said...

Elisabeth- hope you get a girl some day!

Mom- copy and paste;)

Melissa: I always wanted to ask if those are your cute shoes in your proifle pic?

Wren said...

Happy 10 month Birthday Lily!!! She looks so sweet in those hats!

Heidi said...

oh man, i missed the giveaway, but the pics of your gorgeous baby girl...stunning. i wish i could hold her. you are lucky to have and she you. love this blog. it's beautiful! xoxoxo

Ivan said...

To make nice prizes, handling and shipping not to be a problem. Spasiba!

Ilisa Ailts said...

I seriously want to hang out with your family! My husband and brothers would want skulls or cool hats too. They think they're pretty cool - themselves that is!

Jenna said...

I posted my e-mail address on the wrong post. It's glennaandjen@hotmail.com.