Sunday, November 28, 2010


Dear Readers,

I am headed out the door to church, but I just wanted to post the winner to Lily's giveaway before I do. I promised our kids we would decorate the house for Christmas after church tonight, and if they see me get on the computer... there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth:)

Just an idea for mamas whose finances look like ours this year: we told the children that rather than spend a lot of money (which we don't have anyway lol) we are going to do one fun, free "Christmas-y" thing each day this month. We had SO much fun making up a calendar, and believe me- my kids are holding me to the daily events!! Also, I am showing my babies -all nine of them still at home- the children on Reece's give them a heart for those less fortunate for themselves, and to help them understand and value the life they have.

One of Lily's readers left this awesome comment on my Rescue the Perishing post:

I can't seem to make it through any of your posts without crying....whether it be happy or sad tears, there are always tears. I am so happy for that one extra chromosome.....I would have never met the incredible people that I cherish so much and the people that I only know through their pictures and posts. I would have probably never come to understand how very precious life is and that every single moment with my kids is an important one. Thank God for sending me this angel with a little something special!! He has truly changed my soul. This Christmas, one of the gifts that we are giving each of our children is a prepaid credit card that they can use to donate to the kids on Reece's Rainbow. They all have their own special kids that they have come to love. I sure wish I could bring them all home.

(thank you, Kerri for the idea!)

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO without further ado- the winner of the lovely earrings by TwoTurtleDoves is....

cathy said...
Patti, just donated....hope everyone else does, too. We all have our difficulties in life, but we must help, even a bit. You children are beautiful....Lily is an angel . Our children are a bit older 26, 23 & 19. We have had our share....heart defects, cancer, but we are stronger. bless you

Cathy...please send me your email so I can put you in touch with Mindy at Etsy shop TwoLittleDoves!


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Thanks for everyone who participated!


Ashley said...

That sounds like a GREAT idea!!

cathy said...

I am honored to have been chosen..My 3 sons are donating to Reeces Rainbow as a Christmas gift to each other

NikkiB said...

You should share your list of "Christmas-y" things you are doing!!!! One of my ABSOLUTE faves is going to look at cmas lights.... and decorating cookies. (I do that in a few steps... dough day one, bake day two, decorate day three...or freeze between steps). Anyway, was curious what things were on your list! I like ideas!!

Jenna said...

Hi there,

I was one of the winners of the Christmas hats but after I posted my e-mail addy I never heard back. My computer won't let me e-mail you through the blog and I can't find your e-mail listed for me to do it manually...maybe I am not looking hard enough? Anyway, this is Jenna and my e-mail address is

Blessings. Lily is perfect, as usual.

Patti said...

Jenna- I sent you an email ten days ago giving you the seller's contact info....check your inbox and if you don't see it there I will resend:) (maybe your email acct. placed it in spam?) my email is

txkerri said...

How EXCITED am I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You chose my post to put on your blog!!!!! Made my day Patti :-)

Please post your daily Christmasy ideas. I need some for my crew!

We have planned a hayride to look at Christmas lights for our December Down syndrome community group meeting in a couple of weeks! Hot chocolate, Christmas carols, hayride and Christmas lights and should have about 20 children with DS and their families. Can't wait!!!!