Tuesday, November 9, 2010


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Cathy said...
Oh yay!!! What a cute hat. I'm inspired by many things, but my Lily has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and advocate. She's helped me to speak up and do things I never, ever would have done in the past. I'm so blessed to be her mommy

***and if you want to see Cathy's beautiful Lily, click on her name above. ***

Congratulations, Cathy ! Please send me your email so I can send your information to aroundthehook. You get to pick any style hat from this shop's amazing selection of darling crocheted hats!!

Thank you ALL for leaving comments and for voting for Lily too:)

Someone asked me what the voting is all about on Babble.com. Honestly, I was just getting votes for fun- I am such a rookie blogger, I have no idea what that is all about:) hehe. Abigail kept asking, "Mama, why do we care??" when I would check how many votes Lily was getting. I said, "I don't know, I just like a contest!" I think maybe it just gets you recognition as a blogger...which I do not care about! BUT, if it gets people coming to my blog, and they see how awesome babies with Down syndrome are...AND God gets the glory for all He does to help us through the sometimes difficult days of parenting- then I'm all for it!

I wish I could have given each one of you a hat to say thank you..but guess what? I have NINE MORE etsy shops willing to donate items for giveaways in the upcoming weeks!! Woohoo! I am so excited, because I really would love to give Christmas gifts to all my friends in bloggerland...so my little giveaways are my gifts to you:)

And to say another thank you - krinerscreations is offering a ten percent discount off their site for Lily's readers! Just use the code LILYSBLOG when ordering...Please note that shipping time is about 3 weeks due to the Christmas rush..but definitely worth the wait ! Just look at an example of the goodies on her site...

Aren't these the cutest?? (And Grammi, if you're reading...put the sock monkey hat on Lily's Christmas wish list!)

In other exciting news...my daughter Mackenzie has been saving all of her graduation money and paychecks for months, to order a fabulous Canon T2I. She is starting a photography business called LilyBird Photography (inspired by guess who?) So later on today I'm going to be uploading some gorgeous photos of the Lilybird here.

And just so you know...I'm not turning my blog into a money making promotional site..it's remaining my simple letters to my beautiful daughter...I just like blessing people with giveaways, and I am without apology addicted to your sweet words of encouragement here.



Cathy said...

Woooooo hoooooooo!!!! charms6297@yahoo.com


Joella said...

That sock monkey hat is to die for! I love it!

I wanted to let you know that I select a blog to feature each week on the facebook fan page for my blog, and I love your blog so much that I chose it for this week's featured blog! :)


Patti said...

Oh, how sweet, Joella!
Cathy- congrats again!

Callie said...

I visited your blog from kelle's. I read a couple of posts back and we have a lot of shared sentiments regarding our daughters and their diagnosis. I have said before in my heart Kate and DS are separate, I love my daughter dearly but the diagnosis makes me so sad but I know there is not one without the other. It is SO hard to reconcile those feelings,KWIM. I love how you have such a large family, I only have 5. Four boys and now Kate. Anyway I can totally relate to your feelings and glad to know it appears normal to have these feelings:)

Mrs. K said...

Sock monkey hat for my little Lily monkey duly noted.