Sunday, November 21, 2010

Winner and A Nudge From God

Dear Readers,

I am so excited to announce that has chosen the following reader from Lily's comment section to receive a $25 gift credit at HappyHooksCrochet

Holy Schmoly those hats are CUTE! I'm thankful that someone ELSE is going through some teething grumps. LC never fussed when she was cutting teeth...Jace, on the other hand, wants the entire county to be informed about the pain he is in. Sheesh...

"ch" is the mama behind one of my favoritest blogs in the world: The Adventures of Pudge and Zippy

And the fact that picked them to win, completely "sealed the deal" for me when I thought about my post today (below). Down syndrome adoption has been heavy on my heart lately. I told God I would do whatever He wanted me to about this burden. (See below!)

Pudge and Zippy- also known as LC and Jace- were adopted into their loving home, by parents who sought out babies with Down syndrome to adopt. My hat goes off to Courtney and Justin for the adventure they willingly chose to embark upon. SO I am incredibly blessed and happy that their little squibs (read their blog and you'll know what I'm talking about) won the giveaway.
Also: the winner of the Christmas cap from sling-a-bye-baby has still not contacted me. Please (if you read this) email me, so I can give the seller your info. If not, I will have select a new winner.
Thanks so much to everyone who entered and left sweet comments!

P.S. Dear God: I get the message!

Happy Sunday!!

Patti oxox
Dearest Lily,

Yesterday a package arrived in the mail...addressed to YOU!


Your friend Verity sent you the most darling knit dress and a beautiful red sleeper! I had that package open for about 5 seconds, and what do you think we did?


Yup, photo shoot time! I don't think I've ever seen you look cuter!


Verity's mama says she is just a little too chubby for this dress. She said she pictured you looking beautiful in it, like a fair slender Lily...


I think she was right! I know Mamas are a little...a lot... biased when it comes to their babies- but just about every day I look at you and think , "I can't believe she's mine! She's the cutest baby in the world!"


You have still been very grumpy trying to get those teeth to come in. Your brothers had to do all kinds of acrobats in the background to get you to smile for these pictures:)




I love my Lilybird!

After we were done, Mama put you down for a nap. You were all worn out from our little photo shoot.

So while you were sleeping I did one of my favorite about other babies like you. When you were born I read everything I could about Down syndrome. I googled all my questions til my browser "knew" that if I typed in D, the next word was Down syndrome! That's how I found out about Verity. Her family had 7 boys and 2 girls, just like ours! And her mama was expecting Verity, and she knew she had a heart problem that required surgery, as well as Ds. We "met", through our blogs, exchanged emails, and over the past 9 months we've prayed for each others babies, discussed nursing woes, cried on each other's shoulders, and shared some laughs too:)

Last night I sent Verity's mama a thank you note, telling her how much we loved the dress and the sleeper she sent you.


I also told her that I felt like God had put it on my heart to pray for and blog about something she blogged about recently. A number of us in the Ds community have fallen in love with the little angels on Reece's Rainbow. This is an organization that helps parents adopt children with Down syndrome who are in orphanages across the world. They began in 2006, and to this day 350 babies have been placed in loving homes, with over $700,000 in grant money raised through their organization to help adoptive parents.

Verity's parents are prayerfully pursuing adopting one of these precious babies. Right now they are in the planning stages, and they are in contact with a case worker who is helping them overcome the initial obstacles involved in this process. I told Susanna (Verity's mama) that when they get to the fund-raising stage, we will do all we can to help raise the funds to bring their baby home.

Lily, I can't imagine you being abandoned in one of those orphanages. I can't imagine a culture where babies with Ds are deemed unacceptable- which is the norm in many countries. My heart breaks thinking of little babies being raised without loving parents, and therapy and medical help...and love.

So while Verity's family was heavy on my heart, I went over to another of my favorite blogs to read, Penny's Peeps. Penny has a son with Down syndrome, and is a Christian Mom who is a little further on down the Ds road than me. I love to hear how Wyatt, her son, is doing, and get ideas for how we can help you in the future.

Last night Penny blogged about a set of twins that was born in Arkansas, waiting to be taken home by their adoptive parents. But something changed these parents minds when they went to pick their babies up...and they took their "healthy" baby home and left the twin in the hospital...the one with Down syndrome. (They knew ahead of time about the Ds- I don't know what made them change their minds.)

Penny's heart was broken- as was mine. She posted about it on Facebook, and so many people began to respond, that now there is a family waiting in the wings, hoping to take this baby home. I sat there reading and crying and thinking- I wish those parents could have seen you.

I wish they could have had had the chance to hold you and see your smile, and know how very wonderful a baby with Ds can be.

As I was reading, I glanced over at Penny's sidebar- and there was a sweet little face, just as pretty as yours. This baby's name is Melanie, and she is on a waiting list at Reece's Rainbow. I have seen her before, and read about her parents on their blog.


Deanna and her husband have a beautiful little girl named Ragen, who has Down syndrome.

I read this on their blog last week:

Melanie lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. Melanie was born with Down Syndrome and has been deemed as inperfect and placed in an orphanage to be hidden away from society. Most children born with Down Syndrome in Eastern Europe are killed at birth and if not, they are thrown away in orphanages. "IF" they are lucky, they will stay there in the orphanage with the hope and prayer that a loving forever family will adopt them...but this does not happen to most. Most live their days in an orphanage until they turn 4. At that time they are placed in mental institutions where 85% die within the first year....alone...they die never having a mommy or daddy to hold and love them.
****edited to clarify: Deanna and her husband are trying to adopt Melanie, not Penny:)****

I asked Deanna last week if I could blog about their Melanie, to help raise funds to bring her home. She of course said yes...and over the course of my busy week, I forgot about my request. So yesterday, when your package arrived, I felt that little nudge from God that said "Pay attention here."

I can't go on Reece's Rainbow without spending hours afterwards trying to convince Daddy and God that we need to bring one of those babies home. Right now there doesn't seem to be any way we could do that financially.

But I think God is telling me- that doesn't mean we can't help someone else who can.

Verity's gift reminded me this. Penny's post reminded me this. Melanie's sweet face reminded me this. And Jace and LC winning the giveaway was not a nudge, it was a huge PUSH from God saying- Pay attention here!

So Lily, I am paying attention.


I am praying, and blogging, and asking your readers to consider helping bring Melanie home- and when Joe and Susanna are ready, to help bring their baby home as well.

I can't bring a baby home, but I can do this.


And hold you a little tighter, as I think of those sweet babies without Mamas to hold them.

All my love forever,

Mama oxox


Mrs. K said...

Another heart wrenching, tearful blog. Patti, you wear me out emotionally.

I look at that precious angel, Lily, and thank Our precious Lord for her. He definetly knew what He was doing putting Lily into our lives. She has so much to teach us, to push us to go that one, two, three steps farther. To stretch our arms to spiritually embrace all the people who come into our lives. To appreciate the fact that the babies, like Jade and Grace, were not aborted so those who want to be Mommies can have a chance to nurture, love and enjoy God's gift. His only gifts are not mercy and love and truth but children to show us love, mercy and the reason we spread His love and mercy.

I just know those babies left and then sent to institutions, who fail to survive are with Him and are happy.

I love you, my baby.

Ashley said...

My parents were really, really considering adopting Quinton(who just recently found a family). My dad even gave the ok, but financially, it would be kinda crazy for us. But that's why there is fundraising. I am a Christmas Warrior for Randy so I know that it can be pretty easy to fundraise. And with prayer? Anything is possible! But all I can do for now, is help too. Because one day, I hope to adopt a little angel too <3

P.S. Lily is looking beautiful, as usual

ch said...

What a happy, happy surprise!!

Of course, we have a soft spot for Down syndrome adoption and can't view the babies at Reece's Rainbow without immediately picturing Jace and LC in their shoes.

It's also worth noting that another family had been selected to adopt LC. When they learned of LC's cardiac defects and Down syndrome, they made the decision to not pursue the adoption.

I hate the thought of any child with Down syndrome being overlooked because of their diagnosis. At the same time, if it didn't happen, my days wouldn't be as chockful of glorious insanity and chubby wonder as they are.

I'm so grateful there are hearts like yours out there who are eager to advocate for those in need of homes. I'm sure the honest way you address your own experiences with Lily will also ready other hearts to embrace babies born with Down syndrome.

I must add it was awfully refreshing to consider Pudge as a messenger of a whisper from God. I know she's good at pushing, but I usually consider her acting under the influence of demons. :)

xoxox and thanks, again, for the sweet surprise!!!

CameoLeigh said...

Love you post today Patti. And have similar posts on my blog as well as my facebook page. Our family has also been "planning" on adopting one of these precious souls and know that when the time is right, we are ready to go. God bless you for trying to help raise the money for these families. I can not even begin to imagine how our family's life is going to change with the addition of an adopted child. Best of luck to you and those families mentioned. I might have to see where this CH lives. I see a Kstate Wildcat on those precious babies....might be from around my neck of the woods :). I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!

Wren said...

Good for you!!! I look at all of those cute little faces and sometimes wonder if I have what it takes to bring one of them home...maybe one day! :)

That dress was MADE for Lily...she looks gorgeous!!!!

Susanna said...

Patti, she looks just like I'd pictured she would! What a sweet
Lily! xoxo

Thank you for what you posted today. Keep up the good blogging work! :) You just never know what God might do with it!

Susanna said...

I meant to add that my favorite pic of Lily today is the one with her thumb in her mouth--adorable!!

Elissa said...

Oh Patti! I just love coming to Lily's blog every day! First off, I cant ever get enough of Lily. Also, I LOVE Pudge and Zippy! I cannot get enough of their cuteness either. I havent ever checked out the other blog you mentioned, but I probably will now.

Patti, I have had all of these beautiful babies on my heart lately too. I know a few families who are desperately trying to become pregnant while also going through the adoption process, and I just want to open their hearts and minds to the beautiful babies like ours. I also have been hoping and praying that some day either my sister (who is determined to adopt a little one with DS) or our family, will some day be able to welcome another child with Down Syndrome into a loving family! If not, I hope to be able to help others, like you, bring these babies home.

I hope some day I get to meet you, Lily and your family in person. I know it sounds strange, but I just love Lily and Laura and many of the other of the kiddos that I regularly keep up with. It is as if they were flesh and blood!

I can honestly say my life was emptier before Abbie. Not empty, because I have a fabulous family and friends, but there was a hole that I now know is filled intentionally by God, or my mother, or both.

Okay, Ill quit blabbing with no clear direction now. :-) Beautiful post as usual!

PS.I am going to email you, but take your time getting back to me. I have some homeschooling questions for you.

nicole said...

So glad to see this post. Those babes at Reece's Rainbow way on my heart all the time. We'll see what the future holds for us in that regard.

Lily always delivers lots of cuteness, doesn't she? Little angel.

Elissa said...

I feel bad leaving out the huge hole that was filled with my first amazing girl, Reagan!!! There's just something special for all of us, including Reagan, that didn't exist before Abbie!

teal915 said...

I found Reece's Rainbow a few weeks ago. I could't stop thinking about all of those faces for a few days. It really is heart breaking. I pray that one day we could be in a postion to adopt. I really admire people who are able to do that.

Anonymous said...

I have tears reading this! And it hit home with me tonight. The Lord is doing something in both my heart and my husband's right now about adoption. We have been praying about a little one from Reece's Rainbow and just being open to whatever God is doing with this. And then I read this! And the other night my husband came home and told me about a man on the radio he heard that was talking about being abandoned as a child and abused in an orphange. All our children were upstairs when he told me and had nothing to do with that conversation. In the morning, my seven year old told me he had a dream that night that could come true. He then told me that he dreamed that there was this little baby left on the road that we kept driving by that had been abused. And he looked just like Benji.(Benji is our six month old that has DS) He said that this baby loved us and wanted to be with us. So, we ended up bringing him into our van and then adopting him. That just blew me away after hearing his dream after my husband told me what he heard the night before. God works in His amazing ways!! I see God moving on the hearts of many of His people right now with adoption. We are called to look after the orphans. And that story broke my heart about the twins!! I wanted to adopt the baby and we looked into it. But she told me it was complicated. The baby needed an advocate there in Arkansas first. I am praying they find that. Our Benji is a blessing to our family. He has changed us all in ways that are indescribable. I know you know!! And you are not a biased mommy- Lily is beautiful and the cutest baby!! She really is. Beautiful pictures. I love your heart! Cara

Melissa said...

The new dress looks awesome on Lily! RR tugs at my heart too. If it was just me, I'd already be working on my home study. I hope hubby gets to the same place soon...

Deanna said...

Thank you for this beautiful post and for sharing my Melanie to your readers. I'm truly honored and grateful for you and others like you that spread the love and awareness for these angels. Where would our lives be if we hadn't been blessed by the 21st Chromosome, a blessing in disguise?

txkerri said...

I'm not sure what exactly is going on, but I can't seem to get the sweet faces from Reece's Rainbow off my mind or my heart. I so wish that I could take them all..........please God let me win the lottery so that I can afford a house big enough, because I can assure you that they would ALL be coming home with me!!! could they be treated this way??? I just don't understand :-/
If only people knew what we know...if only.
sweet Lily is beautiful in her little dress, but then again, she is beautiful in everything. Hugs from Texas

Meriah said...

I feel pretty haunted by the Rainbow kids too. I so wish I could adopt them all - or at the very least, just one.

Hugs to Lil' Lily xo

abigail rice said...

o'h my gosh mom!!!! she looks so much like that other little girl!!!!!!