Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two Miracles & Two Giveaways...

Dearest Lily,

Tonight I want to tell you about two miracles...
The first has to do with your name. The second has to do with two very special people in your life.

The other night Daddy wrote you a beautiful letter. In it, he talked about how sweet it was that we named you Lily... before you were even conceived!


He asked me to tell you the story, so tonight I'm going to do just that.
Almost 4 years ago, on December 28th, your brother Jackson was born. He was our 7th boy, and he was amazingly sweet. He had big green eyes, and he stole our hearts from day one.

When Jackson was a week old, Mama was nursing him and thinking about - of all things-having another baby some day:) (Mama is a little crazy that way.) So as I was thinking about that possibility, I thought to myself that I really wanted just one more girl. Don't get me wrong- my boys are everything to me, and I wouldn't trade them for the world.

But on that particular night, I wondered if a baby girl would ever grace our family again. The odds seemed to be against us, as we only had two girls to our seven boys.


So while I was nursing my little one-week old baby and thinking about a future baby, I thought about a name I had seen on babycenter (an online group for mamas that I am a part of.) The name was Lily.

Photobucket (how big is Lily? Soooo Big!)

I sat there thinking about the name Lily, and wondering how I was going to convince Daddy to let me have another baby some day...nine children make a lot of mouths to feed!

Daddy came into the room and asked me what I was thinking about. (I had that look on my face, I think, that said I was deep in thought.) I smiled and said I had a name picked out for our baby girl- when we had her. Daddy didn't even question why I was already talking about having another baby- he just responded that he had a name picked out already too.

"No!" I said, "You picked Abigail's name, the next girl is mine to name!"

Daddy laughed and insisted he had a name already...I asked him what it was...and he said...


Needless to say, my jaw dropped- how did Daddy come up with that name, I wanted to know? He said he had just heard it somewhere that week, and he fell in love with it. "What is your name?" he asked me, smiling...


"Lily," I grinned.

I think we both got the chills at that moment.

And for the next few years we always felt in our hearts that we would one day have a Lily. And all through my pregnancy- through the scary ultrasounds and worrisome doctors visits concerning your heart and kidneys and lack of movement- we always clung to that moment when we both wanted the name "Lily."


And as crazy as it sounds- I feel like God gave us that name as a sign. A sign that you were planned by God Himself, you were not an accident, and He knew exactly who you were going to be, before He even formed you in my womb. And He gave us your name.

Now some people would say your name was just a coincidence. And I'll grant them that. But anyone would was a rather big coincidence. Especially given that I wasn't even pregnant, and we hadn't even been discussing baby names at that time.

But this next miracle is quite a bit more obvious.


Your original due date was February 6th. We knew exactly when Mama conceived, because I had a miscarriage a few weeks before...but every ultrasound showed you as several weeks younger than the February due date. (We know now it's because you were so tiny!)

On January 11th, at 3 and a half weeks til your due date, I went to my weekly doctor visit. I off-handedly mentioned to the midwife that your movement seemed very sluggish that week. She looked alarmed and asked- sluggish for Lily? Because all through my pregnancy you did not move like my other babies.


When I said hesitantly- yes (it was hard to tell if it was just because you were taking up more room in my tummy, or if you really were slowing down)- the midwife ordered a stress test.

You barely passed it.

Several times that week I returned for more stress tests..and each time your movement was hardly detectable. Finally, on Friday, the doctor ordered an ultrasound. She said we would determine after that u/s whether or not I needed to be induced.

That night was my baby shower for all day frantic phone calls were made by all those who were planning and hosting the shower- nobody knew if I would make it to my own shower!

Daddy and I went to the ultrasound at 5 o' shower was planned for 7. You met every goal on that ultrasound- amazingly- and my doctor said I could go to my shower. However, if at any time I noticed you moving less than 6 times an hour, I was to call the hospital immediately.

I arrived at the shower relieved, but still anxious. Counting kicks can be a very tedious task! About 15 minutes into the shower, there was a knock at the door. I was standing in the dining room, getting food, and since I was the closest to the door, someone asked me to get it.

I opened the door...and there stood your Aunt Hope, her beautiful little girls, and your Grammi!!! All the way from Arizona!!

Lily- I have NEVER been more shocked in my life! And it is so embarrassing to say- but I didn't even recognize them! I'm sure it was because I was so shocked- but I just stared at them blankly, thinking- "I know I'm supposed to know these people!" ...but nothing was registering!! Finally I looked at Grace and Jade, and it clicked:) I broke down in sobs, because I was so happy they had come all the way to Oregon just for my shower!

The rest of the night was like a dream- I just kept pinching myself to see if it was real. I was so, so happy to have them there.

Grammi and Aunt Hopie were staying til Sunday, and we went to bed late that night, joking that I had 36 hours to go into labor so that they could be there for your birth...even though it was now 3 weeks til your due date.

And guess what happened?


I woke up 5 hours later in full-blown labor.

I called Aunt Hopie at her hotel and asked, "Are you ready to go have a baby today?"

She was half asleep, and said, "Are you being serious?"

I told her I was completely serious, and to wake Grammi up.

And Lily, I can't tell you how happy I was to have my Mama and my sister there for your birth.

It was both the happiest and the hardest day of my life- and I'm so amazed that they were there to share it.

Photobucket (dress and hat courtesy of Aunt Hopie!)

And there are so many little miracles just like those two, surrounding your birth, that I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt - God was involved.


And He is involved!

Loving my miracle baby,

Mama oxox


Dear Readers,

Just in time for Christmas, two etsy shops have donated two darling little Santa hats for two of Lily's friends!!

The first one comes from etsy seller tendertwigdesigns and comes in sizes newborn to 4 years old...

Gorgeous hats just in time for the holidays! Hats are so soft and warm! Made with very soft yarn. Flower is attached to hat with a hair clip and can be removed and worn as a hair bow.


The second hat is equally adorable and is from etsy seller sling-a-bye-baby


This adorable stocking cap was made from the rockin' stockin' pattern from nancydeliz. It would be great as a photo prop for the Christmas holidays. Get it for your newborn, or a friend who is due around December! Makes a great baby shower gift for those holiday babies!!This stocking cap is made from 100% acrylic yarn. Please do not leave your baby unattended with the stocking cap. The stocking cap is not intended for babies over 3 months old.

Two readers will be chosen by from the comment section to win one hat each. Just leave a comment by Tuesday at noon telling me which hat you would like to win, and what your favorite holiday tradition is! You can leave a second comment if you blog about my giveaway- the more the merrier!!

One more thing: my husband is being "locked up for MDA" this Thursday:) You can help bail him out by donating here...all donations go directly to the Muscular Dystrophy Association . Thanks for helping!!


Ashley said...

If I win, I would like that first hat for Laura...It is so beautiful! :)
My favorite holiday tradition is that me and each of my siblings gets 3 gifts for Christmas. It has been that way ever since I remember. My parents chose 3 beacause the wise men brought Jesus gold, frankincense, and myrrh. I would like to do that with my own kids one day too. It's good because it keeps things in perspective...How Christmas is about Jesus, not about the presents.

Ashley said...

I blogged about your giveaway on my blog :)

P.S. The rest of your post was beautiful! I love the name Lily :) Whenever or wherever I hear the name, it reminds me of your sweet baby girl :)

TheFoleyFive said...

Oh I love them both!!! but probably the tendertwig designs..favorite holiday tradition...hmm...Every year that I can remember we would drive up to portland the day after christmas, and drink coffee and stroll the waterfront, and every year, THAT is what made christmas for me...

Uncle Chris said...

Do they have any with skull designs? Or skulls with wings? Or guns or trucks? Anyway, about your story about Lily's name. My wife is like that too! Whenever I come up with a good idea, God had given it to her first! She tells me its a miracle EVERY time! That's why when we go to a restaurant (not very often) I put this to the test...and let her order first! Sometimes, God tries to give her a clue, so I quickly look at the menu at what I really want, then I stare for a long time at my second choice (I open my eyes wide, sometimes, lick my lips). This often fools "the miracle," and she orders my second choice. Then, when she's done eating ( =consumed half of a full priced meal) the miracle of sharing begins. Wow, I really went off on tangent...

Rochelle said...

Love the name story, amazing how God is always in it, even the smallest of details.

Both hats are adorable.

One of our favorite holiday traditions is to take our leftovers, right after dinner while they are still warm and deliver them to the homeless in our community. We just drive around with the kids and hand out food to whomever is there, sometimes it is the same folks we have seen many times.

Unknown said...

I love both hats but I think the 2nd one would look better on my little tub of boy :)

As for holiday traditions...I love all of it. Having kids now (oldest is 5) makes me feel like a kid again. I love driving around looking at lights, opening a brand new pair of warm pjs on Christmas eve, and picking out our special keepsake ornament for the tree that has something to do with our year.

manderz2584 said...

I love love love the story of her name and your shower!

She's beautiful!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful story - thanks for sharing!

JC said...

This was amazing to read!! I cant believe you BOTH picked the name Lily!! What a beautiful story...Lily was always meant to be a part of your family, even before you knew :) This was just a beautiful post, loved it Patti, thanks for sharing.

Danielle said...

Love those stories! I never tire of hearing them!

I guess I love the 1st hat - since all my girls are bigger than newborn! (: ha! it is cute and the detachable bow makes for double the fun!

Allison said...

I love both the hats! Even though I don't have a baby to put them on...they are ADORABLE! Although I never comment (aside from verbally telling you my comments!) I am a faithful reader of the Lily blog every day! Love you!

Patti said...


teal915 said...

Lily is darling. What a cutie. How can you choose which hat. They are both so adorable. I guess I'd pick the red santa one. Thanks again for the advice : )

NikkiB said...

I'd have to choose the Santa hat w/ flower as Laura was born with a head bigger than a 3 months old! ha!! But the other is darling too. We KNOW God's word says he knew us before we were formed, but He is so good to "help us along the way" when we need something tangible! Great testimony and I've so enjoyed getting to know you and your family this way!!

Elisabeth said...

Patti, I just love this story about Lily's name.

ch said...

Those hats are too sweet. What talented artists you have contact with!!
No need to enter us in the drawing...we like to be introduced to new Lily readers and the best way is when you share who won your latest giveaway.
We just had to stop in and say how much we loved your miracle stories...especially #2. I love that God made sure Lily's fan club was in place before she arrived.
:0) There's just something about having your sister there...whether you're on top of the world or feeling it crash down around your ears. So glad you had yours with you and continue to have her cheering you on!!

Anonymous said...

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Alison Darty said...

I love that you were thinking of having another so soon. I was the same way about a month after Amelia was born.

I absolutely adore the second hat if I really have to choose. My favorite tradition is one that really only started last year. While I was pregnant my Mother in Law showed me how to make applesauce cinnamon ornaments. She was the first person to do a "craft" holiday activity with me. We plan to make them next month with Amelia.

Patti said...

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Becky said...

What a awesome story!! I would love to win the 2nd hat for my little one due in Dec!

Jessica said...

First, I have to say that your daughter is beautiful. I just read through some of your posts, and it brought tears to my eyes. It really shows how much love you have in your family. I also love the name story. :)
If I win the hat, I'd choose the sling-a-bye-baby striped stocking cap style for my baby boy who is due in 4 weeks!
My favorite holiday tradition has to do with decorating. Every year since I was about 13 years old, my mom has bought my sister and I an International Santa figurine from a different country. Now I am 29, so I have about 15 different versions to display in my home. It's a great memory. :)

Christine Vance said...

I would like the first hat! It is adorable. A favorite Christmas tradition would be going to my Grandmother's house for Christmas Eve to share times with all of my family, eat a great meal, and exchange gifts. I miss my Paw-Paw but we still have continued the tradition for the last several years with my Maw-Maw. She has 6 grandkids and 2 great-grandkids, with one on the way. :) Hopefully very soon!

Melissa said...

I love miracle stories! I have a few too. I don't know if they are only my blog or not... maybe I need to post them. There were just a couple of ways that God let me know my girl, and Ds, was going to be ok.

I have a really hard time picking between the hats. I really like the colors on the second one, but it won't fit Claire...But I have a friend due at the beginning of Dec...If I win, you choose!

And, just so you know, I had to translate the Russian to see what it said. :)

Kristi said...

I can't think of a more fitting name for your little girl, she is absolutely perfect. We are expecting our 6th child via scheduled c-section on the 8th the my due date is Christmas Day. I have eagerly anticipated this baby as we only have one other daughter and our other 4 are boys. We can't wait to welcome our little girl. We have had some health struggles ourselves as our third child was born with a birth defect and required multiple surgeries. Our twins were born at 29 weeks and today are happy healthy 3 year olds. It is my faith that I credit to helping us get through our trying times and gives me the strength to take on each and every day that God grants us. I love both hats and think either one would be adorable on our little one. God bless!

jezebelsk said...

I love the 1st hat!! I saw your post on BBC inviting December mommies to enter to win. Thanks so much! By the way, Lily is so beautiful!

txkerri said...

Your little Lily was indeed planned for you. She is so beautiful :-)

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart. Jeremiah 1:5

If we happen to be picked for the Christmas hat, please would love to have the 2nd one to use for AAsher's 1st bday pictures. My little December baby boy with designer genes :-)

Sasha Taylor said...

I LOVE reading your blog and just adore your little Lily! Something just draws me to her. I am faithful reader of your blog...and I believe this was my favorite post. I got chills reading it! God has everything planned out! I started reading your blog off of my friend, Melissa's blog...Love to the Max. I have always been amazed that God gave them the name Max because "Love to the Max" has turned into a huge thing that was undoubtedly God's plan!

I love love love the tendertwigdesigns hat! My favorite Christmas tradition would have to be our "lecture" that Christmas is not about anything other than Christ's birthday. stepfather is a preacher and I love that even though growing up I HATED hearing that every year...but you know what? It's a tradition that I will be passing on to my girls as soon as they are old enough to understand! Such a blessing!

Anyhow...I just wanted to tell you how much I love your little Lily and how adorable she is. And that you are an amazing woman! I just feel like I have known you my entire life. Like we have so much in common! What a blessing you guys are in my life!


Lisa said...

I would love to win the second hat for my baby due in December.

My favorite holiday tradition is making an amazing feast from scratch and leisurely sharing it with loved ones.

Patti said...

I am reading all these comments and wanting to add all the traditions to ours!!

Anonymous said...

I came here from babycenter and just have to say what an adorable baby girl you have! :) I love your story about how you picked her name out. It really sounds like you were meant to have her in your life. Thanks for sharing your story!

I love the top santa hat for your giveaway! My favorite family tradition is reading the christmas story from the bible every christmas eve while we drink hot cocoa and eat cookies in our pj's. As we read the story we place each wiseman with their gift in front of our little manger scene. Afterwords we sing a christmas song or two. It's something I have done with my family since I was a little girl and am excited to have this tradition in my new family. I have an 18 month old baby girl and another baby due December 1st. :) My username on babycenter is lparsons08 and i'm on the december birth club. thanks! :)

Elissa said...

My favorite holiday tradition (before having little babies) was the 11:00 PM candlelight service on Christmas Eve. The final song, " Silent Night" with just the lights of the candles was amazing! I hope to get back to this one when the girls are a little older!

Love the story of Lily's name!

I like the first hat. The second is darling, but I'm afraid Abbie's head would be a tad too big :-)

CKopp said...

Я люблю претендовать я бездомен, и получающ теплые еды - остаток еды!

Brandon said...

I like the first hat. my favorite Christmas tradition is going through all the ornaments as we decorate the tree and remembering when we got them, especially the earlier decorations.

Josh said...

My favorite Christmas traditions is getting up early and eating cinnamon rolls. (but I bet they are not as good as yours Aunt Patti;)). I like the first hat.

Lori said...

My favorite Christmas tradition might not really be a tradition - although it takes place every Christmas - it is more like a Christmas happening - it is my husband's complete inability to sleep on Christmas Eve - he literally sits in bed all night - trying to sleep - keeping me awake with his chatter and excitement - until the kids "wake" us up in the morning. It is a contagious excitement and I love it!!

Lori said...

oh and I like the first hat!!

Jenna said...

What a beautiful girl your Lily is. The story of her name gave me goosebumps too.

My favorite Christmas tradition is one we just recently started. We are always so very busy during the holidays making sure we get time with both my family and my in-laws. When our oldest was 2 (he is 5 now) we had a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas Eve. We do it every year now, and find that it's such an easy and fun way to explain to our kids what we believe about Christmas. It gives us time together at home as a family and puts a stop to the hurried ferver that Christmas can become - even if only for an hour or two.

Patti said...

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Elindsey said...

I remember when you told my mom to change our dog's name. Remember when it was Lily? So she is now Breezy.

My favorite holiday tradition was always baking with my mom. We'd make peppermint bark, almond roca, and peanut butter balls. She is too far away now... But Naomi came over last year and we did our baking together!!!

nicole said...

Just love pictures of Lilybird! Awesome story of choosing her name.

My kids favorite tradition is getting their very own ornament container out and arranging the ornaments they have received from over the years. We add a new one to each of their collections each year, trying to reflect on something about that year. For example, one year we gave our oldest son and fireman ornament because he rode in a fire truck in a parade which was a big deal to him. And last year, we bough our youngest boy, Simon, an ornament that simply said "Joy" ~ because he is.

amanda said...

What a fantastic story! Either hat would be an absolute gift, although the stripey hat wins by a tiny margin. So cute!

mandykittie at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I love the name miracle!! That was from the Lord for sure. I remember one day in Bible Study when I began praising God for the baby boy I was going to have. I wrote it down as I was praising Him. I was not pregnant then. And now here he is with us- the sweetest little blessing in the whole world, and he happens to have that beautiful extra chromosome. I have my next little girl's name picked out too believing it is from the Lord. I have been praising God for her. He is so good!! She will be number seven for us. Our favorite tradition would be driving to this church out here that does this awesome production called the Bethlehem Experience. We love it. You drive through it, and the line is forever long, but so worth it. We get hot chocolate at Starbucks and get cozy in the van and drive through. We usually get to see a huge camel on the sidewalk as we wait and other characters talking to us. The kids get so excited. There are more, but that one is so special. Lily is beautiful and precious and has a smile like the sunshine!! I can tell that she melts your heart. Praying for you all. Oh, love the give away, but I would rather someone else be blessed with them.

Kelle said...

Oh, Patti, those pictures are so beautiful. And hte it. She is getting so big!

Unknown said...

Oh goodness, Patti, your posts always leave me in tears! What special stories and memories you have for Lily!!!