Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shutterfly Deal!!

Hi fans...guess what time of year it is??


Typically just the teeniest mention of this annual event sends shivers down my spine and evokes loud complaints from my brood, such as,"NOOOOOOOOO, NOT AGAINNNNN!"

So last year I tricked them. I had us all dress in red white and blue for the 4th of July and at a church event I just yelled- hey! look- we're all matching, let's take a quick picture! Nobody caught on and everybody -gasp-smiled at the camera at once! It was the easiest holiday photo we've done yet.

Typically we go to walmart or costco for a simple photo but THIS YEAR I am ordering from the fabulous SHUTTERFLY because when you blog about their awesome HOLIDAY PHOTO CARDS and include three LINKS TO THEIR FABULOUS CARDS , you get 50 free photo cards!! Can you believe that?? Did you get that? Click on that little blue link, and follow the directions (blog about this spectacular offer) and Shutterfly will send you a code to get 5o free holiday photos. It's really that easy!

Now, if I can just trick my family into that little photo shoot as easily, I'd be happy as a CHRISTMAS ELF!!


Mrs. K said...

CliNk on that little blue link????

Loved that elf cookie. Did you make it?

Melissa said...

I saw this offer elsewhere too and am all over it! It's hard to resist free cards...