Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Dear Lils,

Sissy got a new camera!!!

She is starting a photography business, named after- guess who???


Lily Bird Photography!!

She has a website under construction right now, and it is already sooooo cute!! It will be up and running in the next few days...meanwhile she is having so much fun doing photo shoots of her favorite subject...

More photos to come soon!

Love always,
Mama oxox


Andrea said...

These photos are beautiful and I'm so excited to hear she is starting her own photography business! She is so talented. You have raised an amazing and compassionate daughter who is so kind to other people.

Mrs. K said...

Poor Lils looks tired of the photo shoot in the very first picture. She is probably saying "oh no what have I gotten myself into being so cute?"

Congrats Kenzie Koo! Can hardly wait for your new site.

Denise said...

Wow...Mackenzie (am I assuming correctly that it is Mackenzie you are referring to) and Ashley really are kindred spirits aren't they? We hope to have Ashley come and take some pics of Ella when she is home from the hospital and sure would let Mackenzie practice on Ella too if you ever get down here :) Great pics!!

Ashley said...

Beautiful pictures! Way to go, Kenz! Thanks for posting these, Patti :) I love seeing pictures of Lily. Kenzie probably won't put that camera down for at least another week(or two or three). At least that's how I was haha But me and my camera are still best buds....I'm just slacking a bit. Oops! Can't wait to see more!
And I can't wait to see Kenzie's new site

JC said...

GREAT pictures!! Loved the one where she is sucking her thumb :)

Danielle said...

Your header is def my favorite pix of you two!!! LOVE IT!