Thursday, November 11, 2010

For Lily's Readers

Dear Readers,

If you haven't already, please read my post below, Keeping It Simple.

After having a bit of an emotional weekend, I decided to kick my bad feelings in the teeth.

If you participated in my giveaway the other day..that was in part a result of my meltdown on Saturday. After having a bit of a pity party, I decided to contact ETSY shop owners, and ask them if they would donate items to Lily's readers in the form of giveaways. I picked my favorite shops- only quality stores with excellent feedback- and was overwhelmed at the response!

Since we are only weeks away til Christmas, many of these stores are already flooded with orders. As a result, not every one was able to donate an item at this time.

One of these shops, heartsmiles offered to give Lily's readers a discount on any item ordered...


Starting today through next Tuesday, you are entitled a 15% discount when you mention that you are a reader from Lily's blog.

Please contact the owner, Abbie, before placing your order, so that she can set up your order for you with the discount. I am not profiting in any way from this discount or offer- I just wanted to bless my readers. Cuz there are a whole lot of you out there who have blessed me with your kind words and support.


And to say another thank you - krinerscreations is offering a ten percent discount off their site for Lily's readers! Just use the code LILYSBLOG when ordering...Please note that shipping time is about 3 weeks due to the Christmas rush..but definitely worth the wait ! Just look at an example of the goodies on her site...

Aren't these the cutest?? (And Grammi, if you're reading...put the sock monkey hat on Lily's Christmas wish list!)

And just so you know...I'm not turning my blog into a money making promotional's remaining my simple letters to my beautiful daughter...I just like blessing people with giveaways, and I am without apology addicted to your sweet words of encouragement here.







Happy shopping!!



R Bannon said...

You shouldn't aim for the teeth when kicking, its a small target area, and while it causes a good deal of damage, it doesn't always 'stop' somebody. Aim for large muscles or nerve bundles - or get what I like to call a 'twofor' - aim for just above the knee on the outside, a well placed kick can cause temporary paralysis.


CameoLeigh said...

You are so AWESOME! I have been on etsy looking at hats like this for a couple weeks trying to find ones I like, but with a 15% discount I am SURE I can find one on this cute site. Thanks for being real about your emotions on the previous blog. Even though I can't say DS is a bus I get hit with, being a mom is. With all the whining,crying, hitting, temper tantrums, and well you get the drift, it has been a rough week here. Hearing that other mom's are having those weeks/days, make me feel normal. It also allows me to say, without a doubt, this too shall pass. Love your blog and can't wait to read more!! You are an amazing momma with gorgeous children!

Lori said...

I love the pics! Love U 2!

Heidi Ferrer said...

Lily is beautiful!!!

Kelly Marin said...

Patti you look fantastic. I really love the red on you! Lily's lil sweater is so cute and Lily is adorable as usual.

abigail rice said...

oh!! mom i did'nt have time to read dads letter butt i do love dad and i bet you do to i love when ever i have a bad day hes always thar to help. and if you are reading this dad i love you.

Race Bannon said...

Dad, quan ewe help abijail's spellin? momz not duen so gud!