Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Ten Months, Lily Anne

Dearest Lily,

Tuesday you turned 10 months old. I can't believe how the months have flown by.


In so many ways it seems like it was just yesterday that we were welcoming you into the world...a chorus of happy voices cheering your entrance, and Daddy's proud, joyful voice the loudest: "Oh, she's looking all around! Her eyes are open and she's looking all around!" He was so in love with you, from the very first second he laid eyes on you.




We just can't get enough of you, Lily. Tonight we were at Bible study, and as I held you, I had to mouth "no" to six of your siblings' pleading looks ...they all wanted to hold you:) You are so loved.



As crazy as it sounds- your newness hasn't worn off! Usually when we bring a new baby home, everybody fights over who gets to hold him or her. But after a few weeks, the novelty of a new baby fades, and we transition to the "who will hold the baby while Mama cooks/cleans/showers/etc.??" stage. But not with you.



Nobody can resist you!




We're all so proud of how much you've learned in ten months... how to roll across the to sit up to raise your arms when we ask "how big is Lily?" soooo big! to to say mama and dada and lala and baba and a host of other to hold your toys and reach for to feed yourself and chew and try new to turn when you hear your name to say nanana when it's time to to reach your hands up for us when we lean down to pick you up...all the little things we used to take for granted are treasured, cheered over, blessed events...


We are so looking forward to all the things you will accomplish in life. We are so looking forward to falling more in love with you every day- just because you're you.

Happy ten months, baby girl.

Love forever,

Mama oxox


Stephanie said...

happy 10 months to you Lily!!! You have to get together with Miss Claire at Moos crossing! You're the same age, too cute!

beautiful pics. the one of Lily sleeping next to her brother brought me happy tears. So beautiful!

Race Bannon said... favorite Joe Cocker memory is when he was on SNL and Jon Belushi came out and mocked him in a duet. I was young, and I thought the whole thing was a comedy bit - like The Blues Brothers. Who would have known Cocker was not 'acting.'

If I win this contest, I want the girl in the first picture. The one with no arms...

Thanks, and good luck to me.

Unknown said...

Oh, I love all those pics!!! Especially the one of Lily asleep on the couch and the one of the kids in the pack 'n play with her. Oh my word...! Happy 10 months to Lily. :-) Keep enjoying her!! :-)

nicole said...

Lily seems to be the cherry on top of your beautiful family. It does my heart so much good to see a loving family focused on the important things!

Lori said...

YEAH!! HAPPY TEN MONTHS LILY!! We love you soooooo much! Patti - I am stealing your music for my bloggy! Chris wanted this song to be our wedding song, but I couldn't bring myself to allow Joe Cocker to sing at our wedding - now I kinda wish I had;(.

Love you Lils!!

JC said...

Awww, I loved know the newness hasnt worn off here either, my girls fight to be the one to "watch" Russell...Happy ten months Lily, you are adorable!!!

Rochelle said...

Happy 10 months sweet Lily!

Love that the sibs are still fighting over you! And that picture with you sleeping by your brother! Priceless!!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Lily! Happy 10 months! The pic of you sleeping by your big brother brought tears to my eyes. Patti, I would have no room left on the walls of my house if I were you with all these precious pics! LOVE the blog. I dont comment much, but I read your blogs everyday. :)


Cathy said...

Happy ten months, Lily Anne!!! Beautiful photos of you with your are one LOVED little girl!

Hugs from Cathy and Lily Anna

Melissa said...

Happy 10 months sweet girl. I can't resist you either!

Patti said...

Thank you from Lily for all the happy wishes and comments:)

Laurie Pardon said...

Happy 10 months Lily. I'm so happy I got to hold you this morning, hopefully someday I'll get to see you again and meet your brothers and sisters. By the way Patti, Noah can't get enough of Abigail's (or Abby's ?) music video. I hope they can meet someday.

txkerri said...

Happy Happy 10 month birthday sweet Lily!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture sleeping next to brother. So sweet!
It's funny, because AAsher's "newness" hasn't worn off around here either. Funny :-)
Come play with us Lily!!

Ashley said...

Happy 10 month birthday, Lily! I love you <3 You are beautiful and I can't wait to meet you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti! I just recently found this blog of yours, and it is beautiful. And I love Notes from Home as well. I am so proud with you of your precious Lily. Her smile is contagious. You can tell how adored she is and how much she blesses your family. I am so glad to see and hear about all the things she is doing in her ten months. Thank you for sharing! Cara

Kelli said...

This made me teary with happy tears! What beautiful pictures! Happy 10 months!