Friday, November 5, 2010

From Dawn til Dusk

Dearest Lily,

As I write to you tonight, you are sound asleep, tucked away in your co-sleeper. I hope your dreams are beautiful tonight...and what do babies dream of? I wish I knew. You smile so often in your sleep- even laugh! I love how your lips pucker and make a suck-suck sound while you lay dreaming.


When you were first born I couldn't stand to put you to sleep in your co-sleeper. You were so tiny- just over 5 pounds- and you just seemed too vulnerable lying there. And truthfully, I missed you being inside of me. You came 3 weeks early, and I just wasn't ready to be separated from you yet. So I slept with you curled up on my chest- a stack of pillows propping me from behind. An hour or so after you were sound asleep, I would finally slide you into your bed beside mine. But even that few inches seemed too far away for I kept one handing resting on yours, so that if you stirred just a tiny bit, I would know.


You know what is amazing, sweet Lily? I'm still not ready to be separated from you. If I could carry you around all day and still get everything done, I would.

You still take several naps a day..and while you're sleeping, I just don't feel like "me." I'm still playing Mama to all your other siblings, juggling teaching and laundry and life...but it seems like we're all just practicing our lines, waiting til the real show begins. And then when you wake up, all the lights come and and we're all complete, ready for our little star to shine.


..and shine you do!! Your little smile just lights up the room, and we are all irresistably drawn to it.


For the past few weeks you've been waking up earlier than Mama. And your favorite thing to do when you first wake up is talk...mamamama or dadadada..and you are LOUD! So when your brothers or sisters hear you, they sneak into my room and pick you up without waking me...and
they hurry you off to their bedroom so they can play with you in the early morning hours while Mama sleeps. Cuz there are few things sweeter in life than a little Lilybird, bringing up the morning sun with her songs.


Our days are so filled with loving you, baby girl. Whether it's the quiet morning hours or happy afternoons or dream-filled night make our lives richer and sweeter just by being you.

Loving you more every day,

Mama oxox


Rachel said...

I feel the same way about Aubrey...just can't be too close to her:)

nicole said...

The late great John Paul II said the best gift you can give your children is another sibling ~ boy, ain't that the truth! Nothing helps shape them into better people than another soul to love and be selfless for. So happy Lily was born into an abundance of love.

Joella said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

The leggings in the photo header came from Target last year. I love them because they're a little bit shorter than the babylegs brand, and my daughter is a tiny little peanut, like Lily! :)

JC said...

Beautiful. You described just how I feel when Russell is sleeping. Even though I am busy with a million other things, it almost feels like our house is on "pause" and when he wakes up everything starts going again.
Loved the last post of Lily with the doll, how cute!

Elissa said...

She is so pretty. I love all of her cute little faces. Abbie certainly does have something unique about the way everyone always wants to be near her, especially her momma. :-)

Elisabeth said...

I love what you said about Lily making your lives richer and sweeter just by being her. Our children truly are a sweet blessing from the Lord!