Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweet Ella Grace

Dear Friends,

I have a prayer request today, for one of the sweetest little girls you've ever seen in your life. Many of you already know her...but I know some of you haven't yet had the chance to see this little cutie..

Can there be anything cuter?? Seriously, this picture melts my heart.

Her name is Ella Grace, and her Mama has the most darling blog about her.

Ella is undergoing treatment for leukemia right now... she is doing amazingly well, and there are a lot of people who love her and are praying for her. I love following her blog and seeing what new things she is doing- among them standing on her own and walking.

Your heart will just melt if you go take a look at the videos of her over on her blog. ESPECIALLY the one of her talking on the phone- that girl is a charmer!!

Today her family is having a fundraiser for her medical expenses. I'm waiting to hear back from Denise, her mama, to find out what we can do to help. I'll update this post when I do find the mean time, will you be praying for Ella Grace and her family? I know you will:)

Thanks so much!


Mrs. K said...

Ella can count on Grammi Kopp's prayers.

Mrs. K said...

Ella can count on Grammi Kopp's prayers.

Stephanie said...

She is one of my most favorite dumplings, love her to pieces.

This was really nice of you!