Monday, August 2, 2010

Reaching out for Daddy

Dearest Lily,

It seems to be a week of firsts around here!!

Your first food, first words, and are reaching for us for the first time!

Daddy was talking to you a few days ago on the bed...he was smiling at you and trying to get you to say "Dada"..and out of the blue, you REACHED UP to touch his face! We have never seen you do this before- usually you keep your hands by your mouth, or squeeze your own shirt, or you might even stretch your hands up above your face to examine them. But reaching is a milestone you have been a little behind on.


Daddy was SO happy to be the first one to experience this...and it doesn't surprise me really. He is your favorite person in the world..and I reluctantly admit that you seem to even prefer him over Mama at times. I do believe it goes back to those first 24 hours that he spent alone with you in the NICU. A bond was formed that is unbreakable. Daddy held your tiny hands as the nurses struggled to get oxygen to you, he talked to you and soothed you and told you how beautiful you were. He held your hands when Mama couldn't, he rode in the ambulance with you and made sure everybody was taking good care of you.

All through your first night in this big bright world, Daddy held you and talked to you and rocked you to sleep. He prayed for you and kissed you and loved you through all the procedures you went through- blood draws and transfusions and iv's and tests and more oxygen..he cradled you in his arms and told you it was all going to be alright..

And in those first weeks of getting you to take Mama's milk from a bottle, because you had so much trouble nursing, Daddy was the one who was able to get you to take the required amount. Every time. He would set the alarm, and give you your night feedings- he insisted on it. You were his baby, and you knew it.

Even in my tummy, during those scary moments when we couldn't gt you to move..Daddy would talk to you and say your name ...and instantly you would respond with a movement, a gentle stretch.

On your final ultrasound, the night before I had you, when the doctors were making sure you were okay, we had trouble getting you to wake up. We saw breathing on the monitor, we saw your heart beating, but you were very still.

The ultrasound technician moved Mama's tummy from side to side, she had me roll over to the left, and to the right. She had me drink juice, tapped a hollow cup on my tummy...and still you slept.

Daddy asked if he could try to get you to move...he leaned over to my round belly and said your name. "Lily! It's Daddy! Wake up, sweetie!"

Suddenly you stirred! We watched on the ultrasound, as you turned your tiny head towards Daddy's voice, arched your back and stretched your arms out... then you yawned a great big yawn. It was the sweetest thing, Lily- even the technician grinned and said "She knows her Daddy!"

And you do.

Loving my Daddy's girl,

Mama oxox


Ashley said...

Patti, that is soo sweet. It made my mom cry :)

Melissa M said...

I love all the great pictures!! Enjoy the reaching while that is all it is. :) Claire not only reaches, but pinches handfuls of neck and face when she gets a hold of us now. Still, I'll take the reaching anyway I can get it.

Danielle said...

Just hit an emotional chord. Tears in my eyes! So so sweet! LOVE IT!!!!!

Ashley said...

Oh Butterfly kisses! Me and my daddy are going to dance to that song at my wedding for the father/daughter dance. One time when I was about 11 or 12. I sat in my room listening to this song over and over....crying. It's such an emotional song

fckopp said...

Oh so precious. Lily is ever so blessed. God knew just who needed her and whom she needed, just the right Daddy and Mommy and siblings. Love those pictures...once again too blurry. :>)

Kelly Marin said...

That is so sweet!

Brunner Family said...

Oh such a sweet post! Nothing more precious than a daddy and his babies!! And... I think Lily is getting a little "chub" goin' on in those little cheeks! Alright Lily! And some cute little duck fuzz growing in! :)

stephanie said...

How beautiful! There are two very content and happy faces in those pics!!!

Denise said...

Oh my gosh...I just found your blog today from Faith's and I am already in tears from the first post I read. How sweet that she is such a daddy's girl. She is so beautiful. I have a 2 year daughter with Ds....she makes our world so much better!!!

CassieThompson said...

Ok patti this post made my eyes tear up..even though Grace's situation was totally different from lils I totally know what you mean about the bond between your husband and lily. Robert has a very strong bond with Grace he is her favorite person. It always melts my heart when I think of how close they are.

Elissa said...

Just beautiful.

katekopp said...

Oh, Patti - that is so, so sweet. Tom has that with Caroline. Still. I had a C-section and he was with her for hours before I could get to her. She's my only girl, so I thought it was a dad/girl thing, but now I'm thinking (and hoping - since I travelled a lot when I went back to work) it was that bond from those first hours. So sweet. Thanks for posting!! Love, Kate

Kathy Kidwell said...

Patti, these pictures are priceless. Nothing sweeter than a Daddy & his girl. Wish you could have come with Sammy when he came down... I could have used a Lily fix....Love you guys....Kathy