Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prayer for Baby Josie

Dear friends,

I know lately I have asked for prayer for several babies with ds who are facing urgent health related issues. I hope you don't mind, or take this lightly, but I have another request. A few weeks ago I fell in love with this sweet blog about a couple who adopted a baby with ds named Josie. The main reason this Mama chose to adopt a baby with ds was because she grew up with an older sister with ds named Leanne..her love for her big sister is so beautiful, and so is "Aunt Leanne's" love for her little niece. Aunt Leanne sends emails to baby Josie that are so precious, and funny too:)

Last week Josie went to the ER for some breathing problems..this Friday a doctor told Josie's parents to prepare for the worst. I can't imagine what this young family is going through right now. Today Josie seemed to take turn for the better- her Mama is confident with so many friends and loved ones praying that she will pull through. Will you join me in praying for Baby Josie , and if you have a minute leave an encouraging comment on her blog? Be warned- once you start reading, you won't want to quit. It really is the most amazing blog.


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EN said...

Thank you so much! Josie is improving day by day. They may even try to extubate her on Friday! These prayers have been our lifeline. We are forever grateful.

-Elizabeth (Josie's Mom & Leanne's sister)