Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You Light Up My Life:)

Dearest Lily,

Mama is so proud of you these days. You are rolling everywhere! It seems you've figured out how to get places by rolling...tummy to back, back to tummy...you start out at one end of the room and end up at another!

And just when I told the doctor last week that you weren't reaching for toys- or your toes- you started doing both! It's almost like you heard me, and you wanted to prove me wrong!

You're getting prettier every day. I just look at you and fall in love all over again every time.

You seek me out too- I'll be across the room doing dishes or cooking, and I look up to see you watching me, waiting for me to notice you. Then instantly your whole face lights up- your crinkly-eyed smile that melts my heart. Sometimes you add a little huh-huh laugh to your smile, if you want to make me drop what I'm doing to run over and scoop you up:) How can I get anything done when you're so darn cute?

Your big sissy comes home today. She's been in San Diego for a week, and she misses you SO MUCH. I just know she's going to give me a quick hug and then race to wherever you are to smother you with kisses:) I can't wait to see your face when you see her- you two worship each other!

Just wanted to tell you once again- you're the sweetest baby in the world, and you make every day brighter!


Love always,

Mama oxox


Ashley Q. said...

So sweet :)

Danielle said...

Her picture is so sweet!!!! I love it

Ashley Q. said...

Oh my goodness! I just heard the song at the bottom of your page "A Lily Grew". Cutest song ever! So special. Is it sang by yours kids? If so, which ones?

Patti said...

Not, it was actually written and sung by good friends of ours, John and his wife Sophie...they are pastoring in Chico, CA. Isn't it the sweetest? It's my kids' favorite song:)

Ashley Q. said...

It is really sweet :)

fckopp said...

Oh my goodness, what happened to my little almond shaped eyes baby? Your eyes look so round, like you are in wonder at what or whom you are looking. I love you my precious imp.