Sunday, July 25, 2010

First food!!

Dearest Lily,

You ate rice cereal for the first time on Friday!!

When we were at your 6 month check-up with Dr. Pinter a week ago, he strongly encouraged us to start feeding you cereal. He said it will be great for developing all of your mouth and tongue muscles and awakening all the oral nerves for when you start to talk. Karen, your therapist said the same thing last Wednesday, and then Dr. Carr agreed at your 6 month check-up here in Corvallis on Friday.

Sooo, without wasting any more time, Mama picked up some rice cereal at the store for you. I fully anticipated you reacting like all of our other babies did..kind of sticking your tongue out with the first bite, spitting the food out, and not being quite sure what to do with it.

Instead, I got quite a surprise- you loved it!! Your eyes got all round, and your eyebrows shot up, you licked your lips and opened your mouth for more!! You swallowed each bite and kept opening up after each spoonful, and then you kept biting up and down on the spoon while making these cute little mmmmm-mmmm sounds! You ate like you've been doing this all of your life- it was so sweet!

After recording this video I got a better video on my phone..but I couldn't get it to load right on our computer:( Your response here was not as dramatic, but still cute:)



This picture looks like you are turning away from the food, but you really were just moving your head at the moment we snapped the picture.

Daddy and I are so proud of you, little princess!! I can't wait to try new foods later on, and see what you like:)

You are doing so much lately- just rolling everywhere, lifting your head and upper body up when you're on your tummy and looking all around...

And that smile of yours just lights up the whole room...


I wish I could put into words how my heart feels when you smile at's like a physical feeling of happiness...I think it's what someone meant when they coined the phrase "my heart is swelling with pride" or "my heart is bursting with love" really feels like my heart is going to explode when you look into my eyes and smile. I always feel like you can see right into my soul...I love how connected we are, baby girl:)

It's late now...time for my favorite part of the day- snuggling with you till you drift off to sleep.

Sweet dreams and love,

Mama oxox


Ashley said...

I'm glad she liked it :) She's so cute!

stephanie said...

Good Girl Lily, you did a super job!!!!

And I so know what you mean when you say your heart is bursting. That saying is so true. You can truly feel your heart ache with love, Amazing!!

Elissa said...

Yea! Lily!!! Rice cereal is a big step girl. Before you know it you will be eating all sorts of new and exciting things. :-)

She is just such a beauty.

fckopp said...

It's a shame blogging wasn't around when you had all your other babies. This is such a neat way for those of us so far away to see Lily's progress, and to see her siblings on your family blog. Way better than cassette tapes. :>)

Melissa M said...

I just started Claire on solids too. She's doing pretty good with them, but we've had better luck with the carrots than the cereal. More flavor maybe? Lily sure is a beauty!

Roo's Mom said...

Hi Patti,

I'm too old now (almost 48!) for a new baby, but when I look at Lily and also at Nella Cordelia, it gives me that certain craving! Lily is such a gorgeous doll!

Keri Jo Wohlwend said...

Olivia is on my lap mezmorized by the video. Maybe she's wondering why she hasn't gotten the good stuff yet? :)