Monday, July 26, 2010

Favorite Toy

Dearest Lily,

You have a new favorite these days...


This little toy that Mama bought for you:) It makes a crinkly sound when you smoosh it, which you love to do. It is so soft, and it has the prettiest pastel colors... no wonder you love it. Mama bought you a huge bagful of learning toys on Craig's List..and of all of them, this is the one that holds your attention the longest every time.

It is so sweet to me that you prefer a certain toy when you are this young..I wonder if it will stay your favorite? All of your older siblings had different favorite toys, and no matter how full our toy box has gotten over the years, we can't bear to part with any of them.

I love how you snuggle with your soft little sun and pull it against your face to hold your binky in..


...until you drift off to sleep:)


I love you, sweet baby.

Always yours,

Mama oxox


Ashley said...

Her eyes are gorgeous. I can't wait to meet her <3

Ashley said...

I love the new header banner <3 So cute! I was actually looking at your blog and I went to the next page and the top had changed and me and my mom went, "Awwwww!"
I love it :)

Patti said...

Thank you!! I'm having trouble trying to center it :( Any suggestions?

Ashley said...

I have no idea how to do that :( Sorry! How do you get your pictures so big though? When you post them?

Patti said...

I upload them to photobucket and resize them there..then I copy and paste the html code for the picture into the post on have to do it by switching to "edit html" instead of "compose". Kind of a long process, but I love big pictures:)

Brunner Family said...

Very cute!! This gave me inspiration to try to catch Laura "drifting to sleep". She always puts one of her arms up on her eye/head and lays on her side. She loves to snuggle my hand to her head too. Very cute. And I love the outfit Lily is wearing in your banner photo!

Ashley said...

Okay thank you! I love big pictures too :)

aly win said...

Patti and Lil' Lilly!
You guys are both such an insperation, and joy, to my life. such a feeling of positivity and love can be felt as I read this blog. I love to follow you guys .. not in a creepy way. Its so great to see Lilly being so healthy and growing and being so beautiful ! keep up the lovin :]
neato sunny toy !