Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Completely Yours

Dearest Lily,

We are back home today...all of your brothers and sisters were SO happy to see you and hold you and smother you with kisses again. You stared and smiled at everyone, just soaking them in. It's so obvious you love them all as much as they love you.

You have been so expressive lately. You go from smiling and cooing to solemn and silent in an instant. Mama loves to tickle you and hear your deep-bellied laugh in response. You spend each morning singing- you try different consonants and vowels, and you stretch each one out as far as your breath will allow.
"bbbbbbuuuuuuhhhhhh" is your favorite these days...
Photobucket are so serious as you practice this sound over and over, your tiny brow furrowed in concentration, your lips pursed determinedly. I love, love, love your baby songs.
When you tire of the "bbbbuhhh" sound you move on to the "aaaahhhhs"..
...first loudly and proudly, then your sweet voice drops to a sigh, and all the while my heart melts at the lullabyes my Lilybird sings to me.
Soon your morning melodies fade, as you turn your attention to your other new enthrallment..
.. your hands! You grasp them in front of your eyes and stretch them out excitedly, your tiny arms extended high above your alternate between stuffing as many fingers in your mouth as will fit, and happily squeezing them together in the air.. You've almost lost your love for your binky- those fingers are too fascinating! Mama loves to watch you clasping those chubby hands in the air, studying them intently as if they suddenly just appeared out of nowhere.

I am so mesmerized by these little milestones, Lily. And I know I treasured these moments with each of your older siblings as well. ..but something about these little feats of it because you're my last baby? Or because I am so thrilled that you are reaching them? Either way- they bring so much joy to my heart, it's like Christmas every morning, waking up to you.

While we were visiting my relatives back East last week, I heard the most beautiful description of a mother's heart. My cousin Brian's wife, Lucianna, had their first baby, Joshua, several weeks after you were born. As new mommies do, we sat together cuddling our little ones and sharing birth stories. In her lovely Brazilian accent, Lucianna talked about how having Joshua had changed her. "When I look at him, I know- he is not mine - I am HIS!"

What a perfect way of putting it. I am yours, dear Lily...


Completely yours,

Mama oxox


fckopp said...

Once again it is hard to look at Lily and read your precious words through tears. I miss you all oh so much.

fckopp said...

Once again it is oh so hard to look at pictures of Lily and to read your precious words through tears. I miss you all so much.