Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Morning Smiles

Dear Lily,

Saturdays are my favorite days...they always have been ever since I was a little girl. I loved sleeping in, and then waking up and knowing I had no school and Saturday morning cartoons to look forward to (back when they were decent- Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Mighty Mouse...).

Saturdays these days are just as homeschooling, sleeping in, and Saturday morning cartoons...only now they're live!! We've never had a tv since we've been married- who needs one, with all the entertainment going on around here!

Your smiles have us all captivated- and you aren't stingy with them either! Every one of us has declared that OUR tricks are the ones that get you to smile every time.

Josiah has his- he hangs his mouth wide open and says in a high-pitched sing-songy voice "HIIII-IIIII!!" and instantly your face lights a hundred volts lights up...


Then Kenzie tries to out-do her brother.. she has a million nick-names for you...and says them all in her I'm-your favorite-oldest-sibling-and-we-all-know-it voice..."Lils-a-ROOOOO-sa!! Sissy LOOOOVES YOU!! LILYbird!! Smile for your Sissy!!!!"

And grins and giggles ensue...:)

So Noah gets in on the action and uses the tickle strategy to win your grin..

And then Caleb finishes this episode of Saturday Morning Smiles with Sissy by using his own personal strategy...and it works like a charm...

What a way to start a day!!

Love always,

Mama oxox


Susanna said...

I just every post on your blog from the beginning of January up until now, and I LOVE it! Just soaking everything in to get ready for our own adventure to start in about a month! :)

Leah said...

Great smiles! :)