Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dearest Lily,

You have your first little virus...I hate it:( You are congested and coughing, and it makes me so sad when you wake up crying and sputtering. We tried so hard to keep your sick siblings away from you all last week. Noah and Jackson were the sickest, and it was no small task trying to convince them to hold off on kissing you until they were completely better. Obviously we didn't succeed, because yesterday you sneezed up grose green stuff, and today you just want to sleep, sleep, sleep.

Daddy left for Georgia at 3:30 this Mommy was up with you for an hour afterwards, walking around and shhh-shhh-ing you while you coughed and gagged and cried. I found out you can cry for reals. All this time we thought you were incapable of real baby cries- you only ever "squeal" (according to Abbi.) It was so sad, I decided the squeals are just fine with me. Your crying makes me cry!!

Every time I go back and read my old posts here, I realise I need to finish your birth story..I sort of left it hanging. I just wanted time to write it all down and not leave anything out. And it is hard for me to revisit all the emotions. I want to put it down in writing so I don't forget it...but it's going to take some time, which is really one of most valuable commodities at this point in life.

I feel like I'm moving from one mini-crisis to the next these days. Homeschooling woes, diapers spilling over, dogs tracking muddy footprints through the living room, missing belts, missing humidifier parts, sick and crying toddlers, appointments, appointments, and more appointments to schedule, broken eye glasses, sibling rivalry...beautiful chaos here, but it doesn't really allow for much blog time. My poor neglected "Rice Room" bloggy has probably forgotten me by now. But I keep reminding myself that life with a newborn goes by too quickly, so I'm trying to soak in all your new-ness, and not let the stuff that will always be here... keep me from enjoying you.

Like the never-ending laundry... and a fridgeful of mystery leftovers in multiple tupperware containers...and three months worth of untouched Cocoa Daisy scrapbooking kits that are calling my name...

Enough venting! I'm ignoring it all.

Daddy is gone for three days, and we just might stay in our jammies til he gets back!

I love you Lilybug.


Mama oxox

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Leah said...

Staying in jammies sounds good to me! You are so right that everything else will still be there, but Miss Lilly will grow so fast. This is something I appreciate more and more the older my kids get. :)