Monday, March 29, 2010

Dearest Lily,

What a weekend! Friday your little virus turned into a big were having such a hard time breathing after a long night of coughing and throwing Mommy took you to urgent care. You were coughing and turning blue, and your tiny chest was retracting so much with each breath. The doctor took one look at you and said we needed to go to ER at the hospital. Since she didn't want to take a chance with your breathing on the way there, she sent us in an ambulance. Poor Kenzie was sitting in the waiting room and didn't know we had been transported..Daddy was in Georgia for several days, Josiah was at work, the kids were at home, alone..what a nightmare!!

When we finally got to the hospital, the doctor there looked you over and said you probably had RSV and needed to be admitted. You and Mommy spent three long days isolated in a room in the pediatric ward...anyone coming in to see us had to wear a mask and gown, as we were a roomful of RSV germs . You had several breathing treatments and were hooked up to oxygen the whole time. Dr. Carr came to see you 3 times, and we basically just made sure you were breathing okay- RSV is something that just has to run its course.

I have never heard you cry so much- talk about heartbreaking! But you were a trooper, and you still gave Mommy your morning smiles:)

The only nice thing about the whole experience was that I felt like I got the hospital "alone time" with you that I never got when you were born. I really missed that- the quiet night times when it's just me and my baby in a bed fact you still look like a newborn! So I pretended:) All the nurses fell in love with you, and everybody kept saying what a beautiful little doll you are.

Today you are home and breathing much better. We got a breathing machine to use as needed. Kenzie helped Mommy give you a breathing treatment this morning, and you have been doing great since then. I am so thankful you got better so quickly- you seem too tiny to be that sick.

Time to get my grocery list ready for the weekly shopping- life doesn't slow down, even with sick babies!

Love always,

Mama oxox


CKopp said...

Wow, we really need to fix this health care system! A premature baby with several medical issues gets a dangerous virus, is seen immediately, and home in three days! This has to stop! The only way to fix this, is to create more bureaucracy and more taxes, that'll fix this mess we dug ourself in these last 234 years!

Leah said...

That is scary and I'm glad she got better quickly.