Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome to our World!!

My precious, beautiful, perfect baby girl you are here...CONGRATULATIONS BABY LILY ANNE!! You arrived 3 weeks early! yesterday at 11:54 a.m. You are our smallest baby ever- 5 pounds 8 oz. and 18 inches long.

So many amazing details - fingerprints of God all over your whole arrival...

Friday we had an interesting day. Started with the FMT at the doctor's office (fetal movement test.) You didn't pass this- you get 2 points during visits for different standards they are hoping you meet. This test just watched your movements through heart beats, and although you were moving, your heart rate always stayed the same...even when the doctor grabbed my belly and started shaking it! So, Dr.Hoshaw decided to send us for a more extensive ultrasound at the hospital later on in the afternoon. Unfortunately, they couldn't get us in til 4:30, and my shower was a half an hour away in Monmouth at 7. So right up until 5:30 we didn't even know if we could make it to your shower. The dr explained that you needed to get 8 out of 8 points on the u/s (you had a possible chance of getting ten, but you didn't get those 2 for the FMT.) If you got 6 points then we would talk about delivery.

That afternoon I packed a labor bag just in case -and basically went around in a daze wondering what to do...prepare for your birth or a shower? I so wanted something happy to take my mind off all the stress of the past month, and to go to my shower. I took a nap... when I woke up we told the children we were going to the hospital and possibly even having you, if things looked like we needed to.

At this point, I must say that I hope we have done the right thing all along. Right from the first "scary" ultrasound, Daddy and I made a decision to not share all the details of the "what-ifs" with our 6 younger children. Jason, Naomi, Josiah and Mackenzie have known all the possibilities all along, and been praying and coping with each new bit of news as it comes. But we just felt that Tyler, and all his younger siblings were just too young to process everything until we knew anything for sure. Because in my experience anyway, the what ifs end up being scarier than any actual problems. At that age, I don't know if you can process everything correctly, and know how not to live each day in worry. Not that they don't each have a relationship with God- I believe they do have "childlike faith"...but just the maturity to help them through everything- well I guess we just felt they were too young.

AND if you did have special needs, I always wanted them to have the chance to see and hold you first, and realize how perfect and beautiful and wonderful I knew you would be... and then get information about any challenges you would face.

Sooo...the ultrasound ended up being very good. You got 8 out of 8 points for all you did- small and large movements, amniotic fluid, breathing patterns, etc. Your kidneys and heart looked totally fine, everything looked normal. We raced home, and Abigail, Mackenzie and I excitedly got ready to go to Monmouth for your shower! I was so, so relieved to not be induced, and to just go relax and be with friends, and enjoy a night free from stress!

When we arrived at the shower, we talked for awhile and then prayed for the food (tons of yummy things to eat!) and began to get our plates. Denise asked me to go first- I was starving! after not eating much that day, just being nervous about the u/s and possible induction, etc. I was just getting my plate of food when someone rang the doorbell. Denise asked me to answer it, so I did with a plate of food in my hand...standing there were two complete strangers and two adorable
little girls, just staring at me in anticipation...I stared back and TRIED to register who they were? I have never felt so incapable of putting someones name to a face, I kept think I KNOW these people, but who are they??? All of the sudden my sister Hope's face registered!! and then my mom's !!! And I looked at these little princesses staring at me and realized- Jade and Grace!! And I BURST into tears!!! I put my plate down and grabbed my mom, and I must have sounded like a big baby just crying out loud , but I was SO SHOCKED and happy, it was like a dream!!!

I honestly don't know if I have ever been that shocked in my entire life- except maybe when Aunt Cindy and Aunt Heather flew in for my birthday several years ago to surprise me.

The shower was INCREDIBLE, just having them there and feeling so happy that Lily was fine and I didn't have to be induced, having yumilicious food, and opening gift after sweet gift.. you got SO SPOILED, it was embarrassing!!

When we got back home I had to show Daddy and the kids everything. Grammi and Hopie only stayed a few minutes because the girls had fallen asleep in the car. We were all saying you are going to be the best dressed little girl in town!:)

After everyone went to sleep, I was lying in bed wide awake, trying to unwind. It had been such a long, emotional day filled with highs and lows...and I was so amazed that my mom and sister were here for the weekend, I just could not sleep. Finally at 1:15 I decided- I better take something to sleep or I will be so wiped in the morning I won't have any fun with my family! I took some anti-nausea med, and was out in a few minutes.

Around 4 something in the morning I was woken up by a few contractions...I kept trying to go back to sleep, but they kept waking me up every few minutes. Finally, by 5 o'clock I realised I was not going to get any more sleep, so I got up and walked around a bit...still more contractions...I woke Kenzie up and asked if she would come in my bathroom with me while I took a bath and count contractions for me, (I knew Daddy would be useless- when he's out, he's out!;))

Kenz got my labor and delivery tape "I Exalt Thee"- used in all of my births except Jason...and we listened to it, talked, and timed contractions. I texted several people, telling them I thought I was in labor- people in different time zones, who I knew would be awake:) Like Uncle Chris and Aunt Lori, and Kris Altringer. The contractions were 3-4 minutes apart, and although not painful, definitely "real", not just Braxton Hicks. I got out of the tub and walked around, and they were still coming. That is always my clue that I'm in real labor...a tub or walking will stop false labor for me. Soooo. .I texted Danielle and Denise telling them I was pretty sure I was in labor, texted Kelly and told her the same, texted Aunt Hopie and said "How would you like to be a labor coach today??" She texted back, Sure, WHY? I told her how far apart the contractions were, and she and Grammi started getting things ready to come.

The funny part was waking Daddy up- I knew it would be:) I said Sweetie, I'm in labor.. and he sat up all sleepy and said "I have the worst stinking headache", so I said "Okay, just go back to sleep, I'll get things ready." He woke up a little more and was like "NO! I have to get up anyway and get to prayer," and I said "UM, that probably isn't a good idea.." So then he totally woke up and realized I really was in labor:)

We walked around the house quietly getting things ready, and I called the dr to tell her I was coming in...long funny story there : my midwife answered the phone, at home , asleep...took her a few minutes to register, etc. When I said I was at 37 weeks and in labor she said I am NOT happy about that at all! Get right into labor and delivery, do not waste any time! I finally said Tina, did you hear me right- I am 37 weeks, and she said OH MY GOD I THOUGHT YOU SAID 27 WEEKS!! and started laughing and apologizing and saying I was fine, etc, etc.

We woke Josiah up and texted everyone to start praying, and headed to the hospital. We got there around 8 a.m. and my contractions had slowed down a bit- maybe 5-7 min. apart, but they were very easy to deal with, nothing painful, just pressure.

I am going to have to continue this later today...Naomi is coming to pick Mackenzie and I up from the hospital here in Corvallis, and take us up to you and Daddy at Doernbechers in Portland. I can't wait to see and hold you again, my precious, perfect beautiful Lily!!

All my love FOREVER,

Your Mama oxoxox


Stephanie said...

Welcome Lily!!! We are so excited you are with us! You are so loved already!

Joyce said...

Congratulations and a big welcome to Lily! I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to meet you!

Grafted Branch said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! God is good.

CKopp said...

I'm dying here! What happened? Did you have her?

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Wow!! This is great! I am so glad she arrived here safely and she looks so, so sweet by the pictures I saw. XOXO. Can't wait to hear more. By the way, Rachel Dodd was asking how baby was too. I should have told her about this blog.