Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday Night

Dearest Lily,

Daddy and I are back at the Ronald McDonald house, about to go to sleep.

I just read my last post on your blog, and it was the MOST POORLY edited thing I have ever written! I was laughing, thinking- did I really write that?? I must have been extremely tired yesterday morning...spelling errors, doubled up words, run on sentences galore:) I am not going to change it, just so I can look back and read it and laugh...and remember the blur our lives turned into, in the few minutes after your birth:)

I have so much to write- I don't want to miss any details. But right now Daddy and I are functioning on very little sleep. I got 3 hours last night, and 4 the night before..and 3 the night before that. No wonder I've been having melt-downs left and right!!

I just want to tell you before I drift off to sleep about a text message your biggest sister just sent to me. She is right next door to us at the hospital with you.. she doesn't want to leave your side:) She is helping change your diapers, etc. and sleeping in a recliner there.

The text she sent me was so sweet, it made your Daddy and I cry together...

"Love u and miss u. I just love Lily so much:) She's the best thing that ever happened to me."

I couldn't say it any better...we are SO in love with you, Lily Anne. In just 2 and a half days you have changed everything. Our perspective on life, our love for each other, our appreciation for friends and loved ones, and even perfect strangers who are helping us down this new road in life.

I am so thankful for you, my beautiful, sweet, darling baby girl. I can't say it enough-

Love always,

Your Mama oxoxox


Jamie said...

That's beautiful Patti, all of Kenzie's texts and comments have made me cry. You have the sweetest most loving family ever! I'm so happy your baby girl is here and healthy, now the good times come of having your sweet baby home with you, in your loving home. I'm so happy for you all, you inspire me so much through the love of God that is so evident in each one of the Rice's Love for eachother and other people. You are the most AMAZING people ever!!! Love you!!!

CKopp said...

Why does your oldest daughter always text me, "Jamba!"

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