Thursday, October 8, 2009

One week from Today

Good morning baby!

One more week until our ultrasound. I'm counting the days!

Aunt Lori found out Tuesday that she is having a baby girl!! Your new cousin:) I still want you to be a's hard knowing that I get to see you again in a week, and I could know what you are if I wanted! But I really, really love the thrill of hearing "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!" right after delivery...makes the pushing worth it! SO I am pretty set on waiting.

You are moving all the time now...not just little kicks, but somersaults and stretching and hiccups. You have definite sleeping and awake time patterns. When I wake up in the morning you are usually curled up on one side of my tummy.Then after I get up and move around, you stretch out more to fill my whole belly.

Which, by the way, is getting GI-NORMOUS. Seriously, every time I pass by a mirror I think "a fat woman has hijacked my body!" I have to think about not waddling to avoid it..and I'm only 5 months! I wake up thinking about food, and new combinations to create. This is the first pregnancy I have actually eaten pickles and ice cream together. Sounds disgusting right now. But I didn't eat them alone, don't worry. I put pretzels on top. DEE-LISH!!

I am sure I want the name Hayden for a boy. Daddy hasn't made up his mind yet. He knows for sure he wants Lily, but he's not sure about Hayden. Too bad, I know I'm set on it:)

I have lots to do today to get our house ready for company tomorrow night. We are having the church over for dinner, and your big sister and I are going to be cooking all day for it. I am trying to plan lots of things between now and next Thursday to make the time pass quickly. I am very proud of myself for not spending the time worrying or stressing...any time I get a little nervous about things I pray hard for your little heart and kidneys. Daddy is convinced that when we go back to the doctor in a week everything will be fine. I am not so convinced, but I do trust God that He will help us either way.

I love you sweetie!
Always yours,
Mama oxox


Lori said...

I am convinced that it will all be fine as well! I cannot wait to see the next picture - seriously you should frame the next one! I bet it is going to be so perfect:)!

CKopp said...

Ours was going to be Hayden. All my passwords at work (13 or so) have Hayden in them. They say not to use your kids' names as passwords, but when you have alot of kids, its possible. Now, just a sad reminder of what could have been. I'll never get to throw him a baseball, never get to say, "that's my boy!" It's all over. The fun has ended.

CKopp said...

I think people come up with these names, forgetting that the baby will eventually grow up. At least give her a serious middle name she can use incase she becomes a judge, or the President or something...