Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hello little girl

Hi sweetie! Did you notice Mommy changed the title of this blog to "Waiting for Lily" instead of "Waiting for You"? We peeked! Mommy had a very yucky bout with a kidney stone Sunday night, and the pain was worse than I care to describe. I needed something happy to think about while waiting for the doctor to get me pain medicine- so they agreed to do an ultrasound...and when I asked Daddy if we could fine out what you were, he happily consented. So that's how we found out who you are- our little Lily!!! I can't describe how happy I was- I told Daddy I don't think I've ever been this happy in my life.
I will post more later- I have to pick up your big sister from school. I had an ultrasound this morning, and I will write about that when I get back. In the mean time- you are beautiful, baby girl!!

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fckopp said...

Why are we just hearing this now? Daddy and I would have been storming heaven. We would not have been worring, but asking God to help all of us accept His plans for Lily (of course we wouldn't have known it was Lily and not Hayden at the time). We have already been praying daily for you, Lori and Lucianna to have a safe, healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery. Little did we know there was any concern. Please don't leave us out of the loop, we trust God too.